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This is not a full Transcript but an excerpt. Articles are numbered from 1 to 8 to help you review its content while you read my explanation from their original intent in the new section “Because I Have More To Say. “Articles’ numbered sequence will be updated when the full Transcript is officially posted.

1 But hear me now, for what I have to say. Be totally detached from your mind, for what I’m about to say is a message for humanity.

2 Be careful how you address it. This is for humanity to hear.

3 Something strong is about to take place soon. And fear not when you see it coming, for it has been told many times, and that would be proof that those who really indeed know the truth will survive— would exist in this earth plane. But it is not for me to say more because I am restricted from doing so, and I just took the liberty to come forward and speak of something that is about to take place.

4 A great disaster, you call it. Cannot tell what it is because it is not allowed for me to see but be wary because you are going to live through it. You will see it taking place as it will manifest in this lifetime that everyone chose to live: How creation takes place in this time, frequency level, called ‘space.’

5 And what is coming is not pretty. A lot of deaths, a lot of things will be happening: Fires, burning, lots of burning, and the flesh, like a plague. Only a few will survive. If you happen to be one of them, I don’t know—it’s not for me to see.

6 And you are going to do your work, to spread the truth as fast as you can, for humanity to see. But yes, you will see what will come true, but I cannot tell when this is going to be. But it is true. The prophecy is coming through.

7 Do not fear, for life is One within. So be good and do good. And look away from the things that may hurt your heart, your truth. And be aware that you will see how on Earth there will be a place for you in this realm of reality, where there is peace, love, and everything makes sense.

8 You will see it in due time. You will see life in a different way. You will see truth in everything you see, and you will stay away from what disturbs you the most. Be at peace, because you will see everything going through, but not through your body of existence because you have done your job. And your message will go through.

End of Transcript excerpt T120912230127

This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín

Truth is one…interpretations manyTranscript

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Because I Have More To Say:

This “prophesy” that I received in 2012 is no different from the one I received in 2010 when it comes to predictions and coming to pass. For those not familiar with my story, in 2010, I received a prediction that I would soon begin to learn not from outside sources but from within. Surprisingly enough, what was prophesied in 2010 came to pass on July 7, 2011, and since, I have kept learning from within through the CFKW.

But because this particular message is of worldwide concern, I wanted to be responsible and not to bring people into panic mode by publishing this Transcript. That’s why I chose to keep it to myself for when the time came, and I believe the time has come:


Since 2012 many things have taken place. The trend of fires of great magnitudes across the globe, such as those in The Amazon, Brazil, Spain, France, and many other parts of the world, has increased significantly. For instance: The Sentinel-3 World Fire Atlas shows 70,000+ fires in August 2019, compared to just over 16,632 fires in August 2018.
As to the death toll, we humans tend to think of the loss of human life, while this Transcript brings a toll of lost lives irrespective of their origin.

On the other hand, the number of earthquakes and their magnitude over 5.0 around the globe have increased significantly, leading to many death not necessarily being made part of the daily news.

Those two worldwide events, although both have increased considerably over the years, weren’t enough for me to send this Transcript on an email blast. But when it comes to the word “plague” from Article 5, COVID-19 struck a chord with me as I instinctively knew this Transcript was coming to pass.

Ever since I received this Transcript in 2012, I have been constantly reminded by the CFKW to move a bit north, farther from the west coast, and to purchase enough land to live and harvest my own food.

After all my homework:

—I found the land in an unusual, yet very attuned way.

—I sold my house in Riverview, Fl without even having to go out in the market in a remarkable, once in a lifetime experience.

—I was able to design my new house around the contour of the land, and had it built by the end of 2018.

In short; everything took place in perfect alignment with a divine master plan.

Today I can see why I was prompted to do those things:

Today I live in a one-acre land 50 miles north of Tampa and distant from the city life. This has kept me from exposure to COVID-19 in highly populated areas since I have an underlying health condition due to my Death Experience in 1979. As to the farming process, the reminder to work the land have not stopped as I kept being reminded not to slack—meaning that there is still an existing threat. I have also been getting the help, assistance, and teachings even from people I don’t even know to ease my learning curve and speed the farming process of the plant base diet I follow from the teachings from The Transcripts.

I want to responsibly call upon your good judgment and to pay close attention to future upcoming events.

None of this is the end of times, as we know it, but COVID-19 seems like a good starting point to what’s looming.

This Transcript, dated in 2012, has more to say of upcoming events. It also predicted the Principles of Life I didn’t know at the time. Those are the very Principles the CFKW prompted me to write (over seven years later,) and you read during the first ten weeks of 2020 if you subscribed to the private page since the first email I sent all of you in January 2020.

As to this excerpt, pay close attention to Article 7 and apply it to your daily life. If you already read the long-forgotten Principles of Oneness, review them one more time and  apply them consistently into your daily life (instructions on how to get them below).

Article 8, on the other hand, is one that needs to be deciphered very carefully as it reads how I will experience life in the near future: “…but not through your body of existence.” Similarly, Article 3 implies that those who know the truth of our existence will also survive. But please be clear with this statements that transcending takes place “not through your body of existence.” This is something only a few understand, and I hope you do.

I recommend you start moving forward and don’t be caught off guard. If I’m going to live through this experience as we all are doing today, and if this is the anteroom of what is approaching, you better start working with yourself from within as I taught you from the Principles I gave you through the private link.

With this, I want to responsibly warn you not that an apocalyptic era is approaching, but to start working from within. Go back to your email and click on the Special Invitation (highlighted in yellow)  to read or review the Principles I gave you to read back in January 2020—or go from this link:

Click Here To Access Your Free Pass To The Principles of Oneness

Many are waiting for the world to go back to normal. But, could it be that we ARE currently going back to normal?

I invite you to send me an email if you personally need more clarification. Meanwhile, I will be working on publishing this Transcript in its entirety as soon as I possibly can, in between all the other writings I have to do.


Help me spread these words among your loved ones, relatives and friends. Simply say: “Look what I found in the internet—see if it makes sense to you.” That’s all I ask.

And remember the last words from The First Transcript:

“We are one, and as you help me, you advance”40First Transcript

Message: “Is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice what makes you advance”—Transcript.

If you happen to receive this message without first knowing what this is all about, please Click Here and I will re-direct you to my homepage. Don’t worry about missing this page. Just click the Transcript icon at the center tab in this webpage, and you will be back here again.

Thank you for sharing time with me.

—Francisco Valentin
Author and publisher of The Transcripts

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