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Living in the Now, with John Doe

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Volunteer Souls

T110927072516 1 Do remember that those volunteer souls had to go through the process of birth through their chosen parents. Nevertheless, having to inherit their parents' biological traits and karmic path may indeed affect the process they had to endure. 2 Do consider...

Something To Learn About The Spirit World

T110927075335 1 FV—What can you tell about the Spirit World, ghostly appearances, and the collective information gathered about the spirit world?  2 CFKW—By the same law that dictates that upon this level of consciousness and the chosen path of being in the physical...

Parallel And Multi-Dimensional Worlds

T110928073631 1 Parallel and multi-dimensional worlds are feasible and easily recognizable without ever being. 2 In this earth plane, there are monks living in monasteries, whereas all they do is meditate and be in solitude away from this world. 3 Meanwhile, you see...

The Need To Be Constantly Reminded

T1109280659491 Humanity has become weak in their convictions. They need to constantly be reminded. 2 Take, for instance, motivation. You would need to motivate people and keep them motivated over and over again; otherwise, they will forget. 3 Athletes, on the other...

A Life Review Shown By The CFKW

Transcript 111023213835 1 Your work here is to explain how things work, by means of creating examples people can relate for easy understanding of the complex process of life. 2 Do not pretend that people fully understand how things work as you, yourself, have not yet...

A Word To The Wise

1 Don't get hung up on learning how everything works, because you won't be able to. 2 The most important thing that I want you to aspire to is to realize that many things that you probably thought in the past to be impossible, unreasonable, and so forth finally start...

A Time To Reflect

T1110240841321 Take a look at your surroundings to learn how life works. 2 Do not take things for granted as to what happens or doesn't happen in your life. Rather, use your surroundings to grow and learn as much as you can. 3 A good example is when you attempt to fix...

Money, Abundance, And The Soul

Transcript 111102084302 1 Letting go of your desires through karma is a tricky task because while karma is the unfolding of our endeavors as we learn to let go of desires, at the same time, we endure the discipline or the lessons we are taught as a result of our...

The Life Process In You

1 Take life as a learning process throughout your life. 2 Take everything you do, everything you see, and everything that surrounds you as a learning experience and learn from it. 3 Don't get obsessed in the learning process by setting in motion the endless...

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