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1 The astral world through the conscious mind, inward, is where the beginning of life is found. As there is an infinite from within there is an infinite that belongs to the outward world.

2 From the void, there is a first movement taking form and becoming materialization from the original source.

3 But in its outside boundaries, better known as the unknown, there is a void of equal value not yet “filled” by matter.

4 The void is inhabited by the spirit world, not yet perceived by many.

5 Haven’t you notice that there is no element, no molecule, no atom an no particle in the void?

6 The void is much like a back whole where something becomes nothing and from nothing becomes everything.

7 Far from those boundaries of physical manifestation is the void, and as the material world is ever-expanding so is the spiritual world.

8 For every human being inhabiting on Earth, there is an intangible number of souls inhabiting the vast universe.

9 If you seek to move outwardly, you will find the infinite of creation; therefore you will never stop moving outwardly.

10 And there are never two of you. For every incarnated soul there is a cycle, and a cycle and a cycle, and there will be times as there have been times before you, from ancient times of freedom to empires to colonizations to industrialization to new forthcoming times and new times over new times in a never-ending quest for creation.

11 You look at cycle after cycle not knowing if this is one of many cycles and you may have not even got to finish the first cycle yet.

12 But also you may be just at the beginning of the first ever cycle, and you have been calling it to be many cycles of that one cycle you are just starting to embark. Or you may be at the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one.

13 (FV) And what is the purpose to live?…

(Due to the extensive Abstract from this excerpt and the profound answer given through articles 14 to 17 I will be splitting this Transcript into two segments continuing next week)

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This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín

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An abstract from the original transcriber, Francisco Valentin

You don’t have to go through a death, near-death or spiritual transformative experience to understand this basic concept of our existence. The inward world is easily recognized if you pay close attention to your dreams. Not to be confused with the imaginary world created by the mind by those who dream a conscious fantasy.

The problem with dreams is that us humans have been indoctrinated to dismiss our dreams as fantasies, unfulfilled desires, fears, and to take them as the unreal world of illusions. Nothing can be further from the truth.

When the body rests, the soul—which never sleeps, keep experiencing life in the non-physical realm. It is us the ones who quickly dismiss the experience upon waking up for lack of understanding of our true nature.

Just take, for instance, your latest dream memory. Take your time and remember how “real” it felt. Examine the experience and your emotional response. Did you cry, laugh, sweat, ran, and got tired? Did it hurt? Did it feel good?

Now bring back to memory any recent life event. Examine the experience and your emotional response. Did you cry, laugh, sweat, ran, and got tired as well? Did it hurt? Did it feel good?

Compare both instances side by side and notice how both memories come from the same place in your memory bank—one image no different than the other—except how your conscious mind separates one from the other as a “living memory” or “dream.” Nevertheless, both inhabit in the same place as one, while molding our lives as each one of us becomes the new sum total of our latest experience since the first movement took form.

Meanwhile, full attention is given to this physical world which is the one taken as true when in essence it is not. This Higher Truth is given in the First Transcript, (article 24).

Moving forward, take for instance the concept of “life cycles” as it is expressed in this Transcript. Isn’t one second a cycle on its own? And what makes a minute, an hour, a day, or a month any different? Aren’t they all cycles?

One life cycle can be as short as taking one breath or as long as one thousand lifetimes. So what is it so important to people about cycles if all we need to do is learn to stay still and understand our true purpose in life?

It is us while attempting to explain the fundamentals of our existence the ones deluded in the idea that we must go through one cycle after the other, not knowing that a lifetime of 100 years can be measured in 36,500 months, 876,000 hours of life expectancy or even 3.154e+18 nanoseconds to live. Yet, one life cycle, comprised of 100 years of our existence as incarnated souls are but a nanosecond in a googol of time.

This explains the reasoning behind articles 10 to 12.

Next week I’ll continue with this Transcript as I present to you the second half from article 13 to 17, and the abstract.

Thank you for sharing time with me.
—Francisco Valentin
Author and publisher of The Transcripts

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