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Here you will find the answer to your many wonders, as they emerge while reading each Transcript. If you are new to The Transcripts I highly suggest you read the Tutorial first.

Not everyone learns at the same pace, neither the level of understanding is equally distributed among us all. Some are fast learners while others need more time than others. Therefore, each Transcript will help you understand, at your own pace and comprehension level the core message depicted in the original Transcript.

There may be sentences in each Transcript that at first would make no sense to some and perfect common sense to others.

There may also be sentences that some may find too rudimentary, but if you search deep within, you will find a deeper truth embedded in the simplicity of those words.

You may also find concepts, not in accord with what you might have learned before, which will trigger in you the question: Who got it wrong?

That’s when I ask you to keep in mind that once it was thought by the self-proclaimed great minds of the past that the Sun orbited a flat Earth and whoever questioned the knowledge from the elders was punished for heresy.

Each Transcript will give you a series of though pondering lessons, as it explains that much needed Higher Truth in order to (metaphorically speaking) return Home.

Below you can read some of the most read Transcripts.

These have touched the lives of many as they may touch yours.

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