Universal Rule of Conduct

— Fifth Rule —

Care, Consider, and Protect All Living Things:

Disclaimer: The information I bring forward comes from firsthand experiences and from what I’ve learned from The Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom. Any information from other sources is intended to serve as mere examples to help you understand or relate to the information I bring. They should not be taken as facts but hearsay, since they may come from opinion, research, study, science, or historical events, which are often found later to be inaccurate or untrue.

Today’s rule is intended to shift your consciousness into a new state of mind to pursue new personal achievements. In other words, I’m done telling you what not to do, and moving forward, I will be talking about what to do to keep advancing.

Although this new rule: “Care, Consider and Protect all living things” may seem redundant after you have read all previous rules, this one brings a new perspective as to what is a living thing.

We have been wrongly taught from childhood and our schooling system the difference between nonliving and living things.

Let’s go back to our childhood classroom: Things that grow, move, breathe, reproduce, and ultimately die are called living things. Examples are animals and plants. 

On the other hand, things that cannot move, grow, breathe, and reproduce are called non-living things. In other words, they are claimed not to have any life in them. Examples are rocks, water, or things made by us, such as the million ways we have learned to manipulate matter and gave them a new form. 

Later in life, you learned that both living and nonliving things have some common characteristics, such as mass and structural units. While living things have cells, nonliving things have molecules.

Furthermore, nonliving things are known for being made of a microscopic structure called an atom, don’t require food for energy, and ultimately they do not follow the life cycle.

Now comes the fun part not written in college textbooks: There is no such thing as a nonliving thing. 

Everything that is and exists is a living thing. From the ethereal to the invisible to the eye and from the first particle to the most complex in evolution, they all are very much alive.

What differentiates one from the other is the level of conscious awareness in them in relation to the world they belong to.

Just to give you one example, an atom may seem not to have a conscious awareness of its existence, but in order for it to vibrate at a certain specific frequency and joint together to form a molecule, which in turn form, let’s say— a rock— it must have a very profound purpose of existence. That in itself is conscious awareness.  

Let me now take you deeper into the evolutionary path of the physical world: An atom is said to be made of protons, electrons, and nucleus. Those protons and electrons are both composed of subatomic particles named quarks and gluons. Then we have named smaller units as pentaquarks, antimatter, and the Higgs Boson (aka-God Particle), which is described as a massless subatomic particle traveling through empty space where empty space becomes a medium for it to travel. 

This last has nothing to do with God, and I have no clue why they toy with a deity when it comes to physics. That is as far as science can go. 

Beyond the simplest sub-atomic particle is where the ethereal non-physical plane of reality, commonly known as the spirit world lies. This is where we all came from, and we, ourselves, chose to create—from that original intent— the physical world that has evolved through aeons into what we know as our “reality.” 

This cosmic universe and this planet we call Earth are like the house we built to dwell as we experience life, today, and we evolved from the simplest sub-atomic particle to human form to experience life through our physical senses.

If you are still in doubt, I invite you to refresh your memory by reading the First Principle, where I took you beyond the physical plane to the source of life, as I described we all came from.

Now, let’s retake the atom, without going too deep into the science, to show you how all this relates to “Care, Consider and protect all living things.

Now that you understand that there is no such thing as a nonliving thing, every living thing comes from a subatomic particle and evolves to become an atom. Atoms are the basic building blocks of all matter, as we know it. 

Atoms join together to become molecules, molecules become cells, cells evolve from unicellular to multicellular, and here we are—the latest sum total of all our experiences since the first movement took form. 

Throughout our daily lives, we have been deluded, deceived, mislead, and lured into believing that progress, mainly comprised of urban developments, roads, buildings, plastics, petrochemicals, and many other uses of artificial producs, does not affect or disrupt the natural balance of the natural world. 

Every atom vibrates at a unique frequency, thus creating a different element as they bond together. For instance, the vibrational frequency of the oxygen molecule is different from the frequency range of the Hydrogen molecule. But when both molecules bond together, they create the molecular formula (H2O) as they vibrate at a new specific frequency range holding each atom in place just as if you would consciously and deliberately hold hands with your partner to create a barrier. This is not an exact analogy but to help you understand the conscious awareness needed to stay in place for a specific purpose—in this case, to become water.

As the frequency level changes due to an interaction with another molecule, a new frequency takes place, and hold itself steady until something makes it change form. This is the case when an added atom, such as oxygen, is added to the H2O equation, creating Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2). Water is an essential element for life and is safe to drink, but that added atom in water makes it corrosive and could kill you.

As each element vibrates at their own frequency, so we humans at our unique and individual frequency. Let’s do a quick (non-scientific) but spiritual experiment to make you aware of your own human frequency.

As you are reading this, stop for a moment and close all doors, shut off any sound equipment, ask others for total silence for the next five minutes and come back to this reading once you made your area soundproof.

Pause here before continuing.

As you begin this reading, pay close attention to the sound of silence. Science call this sound “tinnitus” and describe it as “the perception of sound when no corresponding external sound is present.” It is often described as a ringing, buzzing, hiss, or roaring in your inner ear. 

Let’s now discard this scientific theory, and let’s go deeper into the spiritual realm: 

Imagine that sound being the internal frequency at which you, as a human being, vibrate. Think of it as your energy source. 

Imagine each of your subatomic particles, atoms, cells, organs, and microbes within your body vibrating at unison, creating that internal frequency that can only be heard from within, having nothing to do with external noises. 

As you concentrate on that frequency, it intensifies because you are attuning to it. However, if you would add an external noise, such as music, it will “go away” when in reality, it does not. 

It’s just simply overtaken by external noises. That is why it is claimed that tinnitus increases when there is hearing loss—because external noises decrease, and you pay more attention to that frequency within you.

Remember those many who claim that we are energy, energetic beings, or similar connotations to our existence? Well, let me clarify: We are not energy—we move through energy. Energy is vibration, and although we move through vibration, we are not vibration: We are the self, moving through vibration at our own specific frequency levels. 

See it as the ‘self’ being the subject, and energy the predicate. You may also see it as the ‘self’ being the subject and vibration being the verb. The act of vibrating is like the verb in a sentence.

Therefore, we are the self, experiencing life through the vibrating forces of the physical world—end of the experiment.

Although not perceived as a frequency sound, we change our frequency by becoming sad or happy. The enlightened vibrates at a different frequency level than the unenlightened, thus both seeing life from a different perspective consonant with their vibration level. 

The deceiver, for instance, vibrates at a lower frequency than the righteous and the just vibrates at a higher frequency than the unjust—that simple. Trust me on this one: I have seen myself changing my vibrational level to the point that I hardly recognize my old self today.

But to give you an unbiased example: Did you know that the predator perceives the vibrational frequency level of an animal in distress, much as you feel the ‘vibe’ of someone with ill intent? Think and reflect.

Recently, a study was conducted by tuning two acoustic resonators (forks) to vibrate 440 times per second. That is said to be a frequency of 440 Hz. By tapping one fork repeatedly, the second fork also vibrated in sympathy. By silencing the tapped fork, you could hear the other fork vibrating at its same frequency. That is said to be inducing a sympathetic resonant vibration in the second fork. It only worked because both forks were tuned to the exact same frequency. 

That means that if two equally tuned objects are taken to resonate at unison, their small vibration could become so increasingly larger that they would induce a disruption of great proportions to an object and would chatter a fragile glass as well as collapsing the strongest bridge. This would be termed as a destructive resonant frequency. I will give you the link to watch the video related to this study at the end of the page, so please continue reading and don’t get distracted.

That means that if we can shatter a fragile glass or collapse the strongest bridge, we can also break down or disrupt our internal frequency, thus creating a resonance imbalance leading to illness and even death to our body, our atmosphere, our water supply, and our soil. 

Notice how I stressed the word “OUR” in every aspect I just gave you. Everything that is and exists is part of us by the interconnection of the whole as living organisms at a cellular, molecular, atomic, and subatomic level. Therefore; Care, Consider, and Protect all living things.

Imagine the harm we are causing to ourselves by altering the natural frequency of an atomic particle by creating new frequencies, such as those surrounding us via our wireless mobile devices, electronics, and many other human-made artifacts. Especially the massive electromagnetic radiation connected with 5G wireless transmissions, and its negative effects we soon will experience.

Take, for instance, the effect of these new ultrasound cleaning devices (which emit a specific set of vibrational frequencies) to kill harmful fungi and bacteria. If they can kill certain “harmful” microbes in minutes with certain frequencies, imagine the effect of certain frequencies in good microbes in us.

You may think or believe the claims from the developers of those frequencies that their range is below human molecular disruption. Still, I have seen the long term detrimental effect of electromagnetic radiation exposure in all living things, leading to imbalance, destruction, and death.

The human body contains trillions of microorganisms. That is, humans are 90% microbial and only 10% human. Those are the same microorganisms we kill in our body by ingesting pesticides from the food we eat, harmful chemicals in the water we drink, and atmospheric pollutants we discharge in the air we breathe. All because industrialization and consumerism (supply and demand) we all are guilty of contributing.

Let me show you with simple examples, how vulnerable we are to these exposures:

Every particle we breathe interacts with our body at a different frequency level. For instance, if you ever had general anesthesia, you may have probably received it in part through a mask to inhale an anesthetic gas. This gas allows the rapid introduction of an agent into your arterial blood via the pulmonary circulation. This anesthesia changes the frequency in your body by altering its chemical composition, thus interrupting nerve signals. So, what do you think all the atmospheric pollutants you breathe every day are doing to your body’s vibrational frequency.

Likewise, when you apply a topical solution to your skin, it is absorbed through the skin and enters your bloodstream, just like the medicines you take by mouth. So, what makes you think that the contaminants we are releasing into our atmosphere, water stream, and soil do not penetrate through your skin or digestive system as it alters and disrupt your immunological system, thus disrupting your frequency balance.

Not long ago, I heard someone on the radio saying that this new virus (COVID-19) was not much of his concern because it has not directly affected him, but if it ever does, then he would be concerned. 

Regrettably, this is how many of us think. We wait until something happens to us, and then we regret not having taken measurable steps to prevent something from happening. Sadly, we tend to think of ourselves and dismiss what happens to others. Let me give you one more example:

About a few years ago, I invited some friends to my home to share as neighbors. As we were having a casual conversation, I brought the subject of the misfortune of the innocent civilians as victims of the Middle East conflict. To my surprise, one neighbor, who happened to be a Deacon, made this unfortunate remark: “Oh! That’s them and their problems over the other side of the world.” I was not only surprised by his words but more on how someone like him could have had that line of thought. 

The words “Care, Consider and Protect all living things” should be making much more sense now as you keep reading. We all are one of the same evolving at different stages in this physical world. We all came from the other side, and have worked our way to become who we are today. As you learn (at a deeper level) your true identity, not only in the spirit world but also throughout this physical world, you should be coming to terms with all living things. 

Final Words:

Care, Consider and protect all living things should be your number one priority to reestablish the long-forgotten rebalancing of the self. We all are in this one together as one, helping each other, from the first particle to the most advanced of all living things on this planet: Mother Earth. 

The metaphor known as “Mother Earth” by our ancestors helps us understand that this planet we dwell upon is not only our home but our house. We are all in this together. If we don’t keep this house in order, allowing the natural balance of all there is and exist to take place as one of the same, we will end up paying the consequences of our wrongdoings and taking with us many unnecessary victims of our misconduct:

—Hasn’t it been for the first who claimed ownership over the land which belongs to no one; 

—Hasn’t it been for the first who stole what didn’t belong to him;

—Hasn’t it been for the first who became greedy by not sharing the surplus of what the land produced;

 —Hasn’t it been for the first who chose not to share his knowledge, thus, not teaching to others what he had learned; 

—Hasn’t it been for the first who misconstrued freedom with an unruly disposition to do as one pleases; 

—Hasn’t it been for the first who came up with the idea of trading for money, leading to inequality among us humans and all living things, you probably won’t be here having to learn what has been known by your early ancestors. They knew and once lived by this long-forgotten Universal Rule of Conduct. The same one I bring back to memory as I’m lead by The Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom. This is an endeavor I agreed and complied with to do for humanity. Therefore; Care, Consider, and Protect all living things.

Nikola Tesla is claimed to having said: “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

I say to you now: It is your spiritual and moral obligation to care, consider and protect all living things now that you know the extent of this Universal Rule of Conduct.

Thanks for sharing this time with me:

—Francisco Valentin

Author, Publisher, and Custodian of The Transcripts.


Still, the question remains: 

Why is it that if this is an evolutionary cycle that has taken place for aeons, the simplest particle of today is still at such a primitive evolutionary stage?

The answer is simple: For evolution to exist, it needs to be sustained by everything that is and exists to manifest its purpose.

It is of utmost importance that you understand that the physical world is held together by every living thing working in unison for life to exist. One cannot exist without the other. And the disruption from one affects the other at the deepest level, as I have explained early throughout this chapter.

And what about a piece of rock and its perpetuity without evolving? Let me explain through personal knowledge:

While in my early stages, learning from the CFKW, I was taken into a state where I remember being part of a straw-like plant and holding my place as being part of the stem. I remember just being—there was no desire to be or to do other than just being part of the plant. I was consciously aware of who I was, and I was in peace being what I was.

Think of Mother Earth as a big rock. It is very much alive because everything that is and exists in it makes it all work in a life cycle we only superficially understand. We want to be, to have, and to do when all we need is being who we are, experience life as it manifests in us, and stop being driven by our desires. Desires lead to suffering and so attachments. Let go of the attachments, and you will end suffering. Meanwhile, it is your duty to Care, Consider, and Protect all living things.

Watch video below.

Looking forward to next week’s Lesson 9 I have in store for you.


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