Universal Rule of Conduct

— Seventh Rule —

One Could Err By Their Actions Or Inactions:

Remember from last week’s lesson on how you could end up living in a world of your own creation, five hundred years from now, and regretting having born in such a detrimental environment?

Let’s now imagine:

—Living in a world where there is no need for a monetary exchange for transactional purposes. 

—A world where there is no economy, for it is no longer needed to sustain a population. 

—In the absence of a currency centric economy, scarcity no longer exist in this world of our own creation. 

—This world revolves around the concept of Oneness and Righteousness, where our wants, desires, and needs for our own self-benefit are no longer part of our lives, but the sharing with others leading to better oneself and the others.

—There is no need for accumulation since abundance is in all there is and exists, as humans get only what they need, for as long as needed, in a balanced ecosystem rather than an economic system. Therefore, the acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in this life.  

This ideology did not come overnight, but through a work in progress that started in 2020 as the transition from materialism to generosity, kindness, and unselfishness begins as it is passed from one generation to another until the first child is born in this newly reconstructed word. 

Remember the five-hundred years into the future? Here it is, unfolding before your very eyes (as you read these lines) if we all commit.

You can see this early formation, today, in the many DIY (do it yourself) movement of free information across the internet.

Imagine a schooling system based on general subjects but focused on the innate talent of each child.

Imagine this world lead by the Universal knowledge and application of the One Law and One Rule governing our soul. It is the notion, and full understanding of the Karmic Law of cause and effect and the application of the Universal Rule of Conduct the driving force in this world:

‘Do not do unto others what you don’t want others to do to you, for whatever harm you do to others you do to yourself as the rebalancing of the soul takes place.’

Imagine this world void of lust, envy, pride, apathy, vanity, engulfment, war, rudeness, greed, and power over others, for they all are now Principles taught since the day you are born.

Imagine going to school, and as early as your innate abilities and talent emerge, you are assigned or choose a mentor to lead you to your desired profession. From farming to medicine and from engineering to chemistry, biology, or physics, and all in between, all trades have an equal and significant value in everyone’s life based on their interest and learning abilities.

Imagine every individual being assigned enough land to farm for themselves, to share the harvesting with their neighbors, and having enough for the elder who can no longer cultivate. 

Imagine saving food for winter, drought, weather adversities, and sharing what the land produces freely and abundantly.

Imagine this world as its inhabitants understand that since all our natural resources come from Earth, the extraction and creation of new inventions come from the same unified source, and it is the talent of the generous, the kind and unselfish in us what makes it all become useful for us all to share.

Imagine living in this world where technological advances, new developments, and the latest breakthroughs are made exclusively to better and balance the planet and serve others. From medical inventions to the newest tools, everything that humanity develops and creates is for the good of humanity, and to be shared among us all.

Imagine a medical world taking care of the sick and the elder, for they were the ones who once had the health and shared or taught us what we know today.

Imagine the progress leading to no more poverty or world hunger, in this newly balanced ecosystem of our own creation.

This is the world you could see many lives from today if you do your part now and help us all change this world from what you started learning ten weeks ago. Is it doable? Certainly— Let me show you from the First Transcript:

20Father: But what have I done that I end up suffering?

 — Son: It’s Karma, it takes about four to five reincarnations to manifest.

It may take some five hundred years to destroy the planet from the example I gave you last week, for one lifetime may take up to 100 years each. Still, if we start changing our ways today, we can make a shift towards a new world and be ripping the fruits of our actions in our future incarnations as we advance.

Do not feel pressured by the overwhelming amount of Higher Truth I have been giving you. Spiritual growth comes from within as the evolving soul keeps awakening to a new reality. 

And it will come to you as you begin to see the world you live in from a fresh new perspective more in accordance with the reality that makes more sense to you than ever before.

See it like farming. You may very well be in comfort purchasing your food at the grocery store and not bothering on working the land. But when you know that by purchasing those goods you are hurting the land by the industrialization practices of today’s economy, then remorse will assist you in making the necessary changes as a way to rebalance your soul as you know you are doing wrong.

We are the architects of our lives. This imaginary world I just described could become your future life if we put the effort and energy required for it to manifest once we stop erring by our actions or inactions.

It has been told so many times, in so many ways, and we have not known, because we have not listened. 

We had not believed in ourselves, by relying upon the salvation from a deity when those who walked this Earth even told us:

 Matthew 17:20—Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”


The Urantia Book 103:5.10 (1134.8)— “Mortal man is neither a helpless slave of the inflexible sovereignty of an all-powerful God nor the victim of the hopeless fatality of a mechanistic cosmic determinism. Man is most truly the architect of his own eternal destiny.”


Budhha— “One moment can change a day, one day can change a life and one life can change the world.”


Transcript— “It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice what makes you advance.”


This has been an in-depth explanation at the long-forgotten Concept of Oneness as duly explained by The Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom, as the message comes forward without theological ties, this time around. 

 It has been taught by our ancestors, and from Buddha to Jesus, it has been explained in ways you could understand. Still, people have not, due to humanity’s interpretation and ways to worship rather than following the steps of righteousness as those who previously walked this Earth.

 And for as long as we keep blaming others for our present conditions, or expecting salvation without us first walking the path of righteousness, that day will not come. For it is by no longer erring (sin) by our actions or inactions, that we become righteous and advance.

Take this moment now to reflect on everything that you have read during these past ten weeks, and be the judge of your actions and inactions. Read each Principles and each Rule of Conduct—one by one. Evaluate yourself, like a life review, and start changing your ways, one by one, at your pace, but without lacking, for that is one rule of conduct (apathy) the righteous should overcome. 

And start moving toward the path back Home, as once taught by Buddha and Jesus alike but in their own ways.

Today is my turn to help you advance, as I receive this much needed Higher Truth from The Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom.

Let’s walk the trail to righteousness together, as I’m learning myself in this journey of ours, back to where we came from, back to The Source, The Father, God, or as you may have learned to call the Source of Life as you trail the way back Home. 

When you are done reviewing and pondering, ask yourself:

 Am I ready to live in that world of righteousness?

 Would I be able to live in harmony with that world?

 Would I be content in that world?

 If the answer is ‘Yes,’ prove it to yourself by becoming one with all there is and exist starting today.

 If your answer is ‘No‘ but you are eager to say ‘Yes,’ let me know, and I will walk you through the path of righteousness, one step at a time, and will help and support you through this journey of ours.

 If, on the other hand, you rather keep experiencing life as you know it, then we are done here, and I wish you well.

But if you want to change your ways and become a better self in union with all there is and exist to reach the highest in spiritual awareness for when the time comes, stick around and become part of this new movement as we gather as many as we can to make this a worldwide movement to change this world into a better world as we advance while trailing the way back Home.

As to getting to be with The Father, God, the Creator, or the Source of life, also known as returning Home, we will eventually get there. Not now, not how we think today, not how we behave today, not how we treat each other now or doing what we are doing to ourselves, to this world, or to our fellow humans, animal life, and ecosystem. 

But when we learn to treat one another as we would be liked to be treated, by following the Universal Rule of Conduct, where we could be in unison with ourselves, as One—we will eventually become One and meet with ourselves, also known as being with The Father, God, the Creator, or the Source of life, also known as returning Home.

Can you see now the journey we are about to embark on?

Let me ask you: Would you think we could be next to The Father, God, Creator or Source of life while we think, behave, and treat each other today? 

Do you think we would change overnight when every day we wake up from our sleep, and we keep behaving with ourselves and others as if we haven’t learned anything?

There is no need to look around. Look at your daily life, your daily actions, the many times you might have thought you are righteous when you are far from becoming one, and tell me if when you die, you will go straight back Home?

 We must start behaving as if tomorrow we would be going Home. 

 It took us that many lives to be where we are today. Let’s start packing our bags and walk our way back Home. For if by the time is up, you are not ready, you will have to come back, to purify your soul until it is clean enough to enter the realm of righteousness leading you back Home—just as I showed you the trail I was shown in 2013 (First Principle), and today I lead the way so you can rectify your life and go where you want to go.

Now I leave you with a quote I have read it comes from Buddha which turned out to be very consonant with my message:

“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”

With Love;

Francisco Valentín

Author, Publisher and Custodian of The Transcripts




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