A Comprehensive Lecture on Higher Truth


1 Life is an ever-changing process of realities created by you as you move along in creation. As you create, you move forward with such creation based on how it unfolds before you. Based on how you act and react to such creation, it takes forms that touch and move you in one direction—a direction that creates a pattern of cause and effect.

2 People wonder why this or that happened. That could be answered if you understand Karma, Dharma, and that we are One in thought form as you mingle with others; being others a reflection of your path and individuations of you, as creation has cut itself[1] and is manifesting individually through you at your plane of reality.

3 Individualities mingle, collide, or move along all together and create an array of possibilities based on integrating all those thoughts with the realities you are most close to as you deal with life. You see?

4 Those realities you are detached from, not conscious about, allegedly unrelated, are those that least affect you. But as one gets disturbed by other faraway countries, it still affects one another in a chain of events eventually reaching you.

5[2] That is why you see economic turmoil, culture conflicts, wars, fashion, inventions, technology, and everything you could be affected by to be of lesser reaction from an original reaction of all the realities that you have to deal with in this rational conscious level you chose to relate to in a very personal, direct basis as you have embodied now. You see?

6 Being attached to this body represents your commitment to display a reality in this time, in this term, in this circumstance for you to work with—the good and the bad. You see?

7 You, as well as everyone else, by being part of this reality, want to cleanse, deal with, resolve, enjoy, experience, and express through the physical senses.

8 And you see your experiences unfolding as though caused by others, which are also your conscious level at different frequency levels as you can see them express directly in front of you through others as you experience the senses, seeing and reacting, acting upon, and responding to, at a lesser level, your own experience appreciated from a third party of influence, seen by you, as you see them unfold before you through someone else’s eyes. That is your individuality from another perspective.

9 That expression, sense, and understanding is very hard to grasp because we have been conditioned to believe that our individuality is ours and ours alone. This cannot be further from the truth. We are one collective force searching for individuality, experiencing the senses, and wanting to go back (to Source) because of the great confusion that has been created once we achieve the role to be in form, in a different way, as the individual rational mind acts in its way. You see?

10 Such individual mind has been conditioned to act and react in realities supported by their rational mind in this plane to support the environmental condition created by humanity, to hold on to the present —to this “real world”— that feeds from the need to be an individual and feeds you to sustain the environment for the holding on to the individual self in this plane where it has engulfed itself either from pain, suffering, pleasure, work or the combination of everything and all that exists within their reality while holding on to a present and an uncertain, yet foreseen future by the spirit in its individual form to gain control of the reality they live in as a means of uniqueness, and only hope like in “this is all there is,” and embrace life as its only source for survival. That is the most absurd of all logic within the human mind.

11 FV—But who would question that one sees such reality?

12 CFKW—You can see it every day, in every circumstance, when someone’s reality is one-sided and you see it as wrong, and there is no way for you to make that person change his mind as you see your own. And you question yourself, who is right and who is wrong. But of course, you are right because your reality is your reality, and no one can question your reality, and the other person will think the same.

13 FV—So, who is right and who is wrong?

14 CFKW—To his eyes, he is right. To your eyes, you are right. And if you ask someone else, he would say either both, neither, or a combination of each. And if you ask another and another and another, you will see some views blending, others have some sort of agreement, but each is one’s own reality.

15 Much of what can be seen as those that match may come from rational thinking based on learned experiences and from what it has been taught. If you go to another part of the world, not all of your reality will match their realities—not even the reality and definition of love.

16 Try to identify the meaning of love throughout the world and you will find out how different it is one from the other. And most of the ones that do match are the ones that have been taught for one to think from rational thinking, but not true love, because love is a word, and a word is an interpretation of what a thought is.

17 Love is interpreted in different ways, and the definition of such a word was created by an individual who chose to define it as such. You see?

18 So, in this play of thoughts and words, realities are only based on interpretation and experiences at different levels.

19 For instance, see how the definition of love changes from childhood to youth, adolescence, adulthood, middle age, mature, and old age:
Same love, different meanings from different realities.

20 Ask a child to define his tender love. His definition would be totally different from his definition as an adolescent—same person, different stages of life; same person, different definition; same person, same word. You see?

21 Allegedly, this love from a child is not the love of an adolescent, which is not the love from your first romantic love, which is not the same love of a father, which is not the same love of a mother, which is not the same love for this or that. So, if I ask you to define “love,” it should be one and only one, which is, in essence, One.

22 FV—How could one be defined in so many different ways if it is only one?

23 CFKW—You see, that is what individuality is all about. It’s about the creation of One expressed as many. If you take that love to different parts of the world, to different individual perspectives, from the one that is always “loved,” to the one who is constantly being beaten, to the one who is constantly being rejected, to the one that is constantly being… you name it, love will be defined totally different one from the other, yet is the same word taken from different languages and becomes another word for the same thing.

24 FV—How can you alienate and put that one thing (love) in a universal understanding

25 CFKW—It’s only One. You see? If you take the definition given to that one love from its abstract form, convert it into thought form, and transmute it into individuality, each definition, in thought, will differ one from the other in a trillion pieces from the one that is taken from the universal understanding of what thought is, then it will get out of reach from the conscious, analytical mind because there will be no way to reason without the interference of the understanding based on perception, action, and reaction of the individual human being.

26 So, if we take it into thought form, then it must be considered that love is the origin of life, which is One in itself: One original thought of wanting to… because love on Earth is always defined as creation—is the original thought—love, movement, oneness.

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Article 2—’cutting itself’ implies the separation into individuality from the Self as One.
Article 5—This article directly refers to the areas I learned to detach from, as mentioned under Article 4 but began to affect me as I become more conscious about them.

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Truth is One; interpretations many.
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