Over 500 transcripts has been already recorded since 2011 and counting.


This page was designed as a tutorial on how to read the Transcripts as I intend to answer the most common questions that may arise as you become familiar with The Transcripts.

Many of these questions have already been answered through The Transcripts. But if I could give you a quick answer or expand a bit more for those not yet familiar with The Transcripts, it would greatly ease your reading.

As you read each Transcript, my advice to you is to take what you can and leave for last what does not yet resonates with you. Trust me, it all will make sense further down the path to enlightenment as you evolve while reading the latest Transcript.

With this, I welcome you to explore in depth the nature of The Transcripts.

What are The Transcripts?

Transcripts are insights of Higher Truth given by The Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as I receive, perceive, and transcribe from time to time.

Sometimes they manifests as automatic writing, at times it manifests through feelings I have to expand in written form, other instances it manifests through drawings, visions, or dreams and in some occasions as a lecture or reprimand I am compelled to write or voice record.

What is The Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom (CFKW)?

Some may call them Angels, Spirits, Ascended Masters, or coming from Higher Sources. However, when I once asked the source to identify itself, the following statement came about:

“Name-calling limits the source through reasoning; rather say it comes from The Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom.”

What I know is that One from a collective group of Ascended Souls comes forward to teach a different aspect of life, from its origin to our ultimate life purpose.

Today I learned to identify and candidly name them by their individuality. One I named as ‘The Poet,’ for the beauty in his intent mostly expressed how he plays with words. Then there is ‘The Scolder,’ for his stern tone when his intent manifests in me. It follows ‘The Teacher,’ for how lovingly he manifests his intent with words of Wisdom. And others come and go from this collective group assigned to teach us of our true origin and life purpose—without theological ties, this time around.

What does “This time around” means?

It means that the message has always been out there, expressed in many ways, in different forms, with different views and interpretations by the subjective human mind. This time around means that the message is coming forward without religion, social, cultural, philosophical, political, or historical ties. The message is straightforward, with logical, unequivocal, and unquestionable accuracy in regards to our true origin and ultimate life purpose.

What is Higher Truth?

I can best describe Higher Truth with an anecdote from my past that One from the CFKW helped me resurface to explain Higher Truth.

Do you remember learning how to count from one to ten? I do. I remember the day my first-grade math teacher said: “Class, today you are going to learn the very foundation of all the numbers—today you are going to learn to count from one to ten.”

As homework, the teacher asked us to memorize those numbers and recite them in class the following day. I was excited to learn all the numbers. When my time was up, I recited them flawlessly. But deception came through when the next day the teacher said: “Class, today you are going to learn to count from ten to twenty.”

WAIT, what? Did you just lie to me? Didn’t you say yesterday that I was going to learn all the numbers?

Undoubtedly, she did not lie. She spoke the truth. All numbers are comprised from one to ten (or 0 to 9 in an updated version). But learning to count from ten to twenty was a Higher Truth.

Then I learned one Higher Truth after another through the years as I learned to count to one hundred (Higher Truth), then how to add and subtract from simple to complex numbers (Higher Truth), multiply and divide (Higher Truth), before I could learn Algebra (Higher Truth).

Algebra reinforces logical thinking; therefore, you must learn one Higher Truth at a time to get to the logical thinking of our existence.

How Do I Read The Transcripts?

First and foremost, before you read any Transcript, start by reading the First Transcript. The First Transcript is the genesis of their teachings, starting at the most basic level.

Don’t just read the Transcript. Transcripts are written in sentences and paragraphs numerically ordered by Articles. Each Article has been made available to help you pause long enough to ponder upon each sentence or paragraph as you read.

You will find, from time to time, the initials FV at the beginning of an Article. It represents Francisco Valentin, as I pose a specific question to the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom. The following Article will then bear the initials CFKW, which represents the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom, providing the answer.

Additionally, when you spot an asterisk in parentheses (*), it indicates a note at the end of each Transcript titled ‘Annotations,’ referring to the word or phrase under that specific Article. I highly recommend pausing your reading when encountering each (*) and proceeding to the end of the Transcript to read the clarification before continuing.read.

As you finish reading the first Article from any given Transcript, pause for a moment to ponder upon said sentence or paragraph. Allow your intuitiveness to perceive their intent behind those words. It may take some time at first, but once you connect with them, you will notice how subtly you begin to understand the meaning of those words at a deeper level as if you had always known.

This is your first sign of remembering what you never forgot but have kept dormant inside you for lack of support: This is how you begin to remember.

Next, continue with the following Article until completion. Once you are done reading, pause for a moment and just think about those words and what they mean to you—not from what you have learned from the past, but as an individual lesson that you feel compelled to ponder upon without preconceived ideas or experiences from the past.

After pondering long enough, re-read the full Transcript, but more fluently this time around, as if the CFKW were lecturing you while visualizing what aspect of any given subject they want to relay to you.

Why are Transcripts numbered?

Each Transcript is identified by a series of twelve digits. The first two digits represent the year the Transcript is received. It is followed by the month, day, and time it was received. The last two digits are random selections in case multiple Transcripts are received in one given day.

Do not be mislead by thinking that the most recent Transcript is more advanced than previous ones and early Transcripts are obsolete. On the contrary, the purpose behind leading you to the First Transcript is to give you the foundation to further Transcripts.

Each Transcript gives a different aspect of any given subject, therefore, do not be led to believe that one specific Transcript brings the ultimate truth over one given aspect since each Transcript is given at different comprehension levels.

What are those Aspects?

Every subject, phrase, sentence, or word we use in our lives is tied to a specific aspect limited by the subject that it pertains to.

For instance, the word ‘love’ has numerous aspects. I have found over my research 24 definitions (or aspects) of ‘love‘— from love to a child, parents, lovers, humanity, animals, work, and so on. Therefore, you must understand that each aspect is addressed under a different scenario and at different levels. Please be aware of what aspect any given Transcript is making reference to.

Why are Transcripts written at different levels?

Not everyone learns at the same pace, neither the level of understanding is equally distributed among us all. Some are fast learners, while others need more time to learn than others. Therefore, each Transcript will take you to a Higher Truth, at your own pace and comprehension level as you learn to depict the core message embedded in each Transcript.

There may be sentences in each Transcript that at first would make no sense to some and perfect common sense to others.

There may also be sentences that some may find too rudimentary while others may take them as way above their head.

You may also find concepts not in accord with what you might have learned before, which will trigger in you the question: Who got it wrong?

That’s when I ask you to keep in mind that once it was thought by the self-proclaimed great minds of the past that the Sun orbited a flat Earth, and whoever questioned their knowledge was punished for heresy.

Therefore, do not discard any one Transcript because it is written at a basic level when you may feel that you should be reading a more advanced version. It will not only serve as a reminder of your humble beginnings, but upon reading it, most likely than not, it will ignite a spark in you leading to understanding Higher Truth.

Moreover, if you find any Transcript being above your head, do remember when you first emerged from your mother’s womb. Hadn’t it been for your persistence, you wouldn’t be here today. So, keep reading until you master it.

How do I search for previous Transcripts?

To access the entire Transcript archive, please locate and select the “Transcripts” tab at the top center of any page.

Once on the Transcripts page, read the introductory message and proceed to the Table of Contents below.

Choose any given Transcript based on the title of interest or resonates with you.

To continue to the next Transcript, simply go back to the Transcript page and select your next Transcript of interest.

I highly recommend reading each Transcript in its entirety to understand which aspects it addresses, thus avoiding misinterpretations or taking words out of context.

How did you first make contact with the CFKW?

I didn’t look for them or chose to develop any particular skills to later communicate with the dead. Neither was I interested in pursuing writing, public speaking, or mingling with those who communicate with the other side. In short, I am a natural introvert that seeks comfort in isolation.

How it came to be, originated in 1979 when due to a tragic car accident, I died and came back with knowledge not taught in schools. But because I was too young, I could not find words to explain what was beyond belief. Neither could I express what I knew for being raised in a culture where family, friends, religion, science, and even history would consider this to be a forbidden subject.

It took thirty-two years and a series of (unknown to me) transcendental spiritual experiences before the First Contact could manifest. The day was July 7, 2011, as a spirit of unknown origin but of celestial nature manifested through my twenty-year-old son’s voice to remind me of an agreement that took place in 1979 in return for my life.

The chronological order of events, along with the chain of events that led me to this First contact, has been documented in the book ‘NDE; Near Death Experiences—A Glimpse At What Lies Ahead For You’.

Why choosing your son to communicate with you?

Due to the nature of my analytical, inquisitive, and stern state of mind, if it would have communicated directly through me, as they do today, I would have dismissed them, believing it was a product of my imagination.

Hadn’t it been because (1) I know the character of my son, (2) how he knew not of my past before his birth, (3) the faultless behavior pattern that followed his trance state (4) the words that came from his voice, (5) the tone by which he spoke, and most importantly, (6) the fact that my son claims to remember everything, except for the act that took place while under article 39, I would not have believed what transpired and would have walked away.

If, on the other hand, the message would have come from any other source, irrespectively of the messenger, I would have also walked away and dismissed it.

What was the Agreement?

The Agreement is transcribed under Article 39 in the First Transcript.

To help you better understand the magnitude of those words, the energy that came from this being taking over my son’s voice, and how it took *full control over my son’s body to manifest his stern commitment to fulfill this agreement, shook every fiber of my soul.

It seemed as if this agreement was not only past overdue, but his stern posture led me to understand how I might have been preventing him from moving forward by not remembering my end of the bargain.

*I wrote “full control” because out of everything my son remembers from this experience, this part he does not remember having ever taken place. That strong of an energy it was!

What differentiates the CFKW from the rest?

Through my work, the CFKW wants you to wake from the stagnant stance we all have put ourselves into by suppressing our inner self from remembering our true nature, origin, and ultimate life purpose.

We are the ones who got separated, chose to explore new worlds, and must ultimately return back Home—not to be a place to dwell but a state of mind.

Through the long-forgotten Concept of Oneness, those from the CFKW seek to reestablish that connection between ourselves and the original source of life once understood by our ancestors and now long forgotten.

That is why none of this is new. It has been said in so many ways, yet people have forgotten where we all originally came from. If done correctly, by decompiling everything you know back to the genesis of your existence, it would then be easy to recognize us all as One infinite mind, ever-expanding through the spiritual and physical world, limitless.

That makes us spiritual beings experiencing life through the physical senses, and the very connection we keep disconnecting from even more as the days go by—the Sixth sense.

“Is us who come forward to awake in you the dormant memory of your true identity–who you truly are, so one by one, humanity begins to change the way they see life and wake up to the reality of what they have done to themselves, their fellow humans, all creatures and the ecosystem that every living thing must share as One.”—Transcript.

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