About Francisco Valentín

Francisco Valentín is considered a true experiencer when it comes to Death Experiences (DE), Near-Death Experiences (NDE), Shared Near-Death Experiences (SNE) and Spiritual Transformative Experiences (STE) along with having a vast understanding of realms even beyond our reach.

Francisco is also a respected author, speaker, lecturer, and the publisher of the Transcripts.

His spiritual journey began as early as the year 1979 when, at the young age of barely turning age eighteen and due to a fatal car crash, he died—and brought back with him things not taught in schools.

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His experiences ‘on the other side’ are not what brought Francisco to become well known. Rather, it was a transcendental experience that took place on July 7, 2011, when a Spirit of Light manifested through his son’s voice to remind him of an agreement that took place in 1979 in return for his life.

He is well known by his unique and compelling story along with the message he brings to humanity; one he emphatically refers to as being delivered “Without theological ties, this time around.”

Francisco began the work entrusted in him when he began to successfully conduct private lectures  about his Near-Death Experiences (picture below) starting in 2014 throughout the West Central Florida coast.

His first social group lecture took place on April 15, 2015 at the Metaphysical Society of Sun City Center, Florida, (picture below) where he brought to a full audience his transcendental experiences, lessons and message to humanity.

Soon after, Francisco’s spiritual path took him to become a guest speaker at The Spirit University, in Sarasota, Florida (picture below) and later became a workshop facilitator. He currently teaches what a ‘near-death experience truly is’ to helping humanity not to fear death and how to overcome grief.

Francisco’s spiritual journey continued as he was lead to Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp in Cassadaga, Florida. On April 17, 2016, he became a guest speaker at the Colby Memorial Temple (picture below). Today Francisco has workshops currently scheduled at Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp and has become a frequesnt guest speaker.

On July 29, 2016, Francisco became a speaker at the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) in its 2016 Conference in Orlando, Florida as part of a panel for the first time ever two-hour Spanish NDE 101 workshop (ECM 101). Therefore, becoming one of the pioneers to this unprecedented event.

Francisco on the Media

Francisco has written various articles published in renowned publications such as Wellness and Natural Awakening.

Francisco on the radio

He has also been interviewed and featured in blog radio stations…

…and has participated in forums, conferences, assemblies and many other metaphysical activities as well.

Francisco’s spiritual guides are now leading him to spread his message throughout metaphysical, theosophical and non-denominational spiritual congregations, private venues and public speaking forums as time and distance will allow him to do. Now is time to help Francisco Valentín deliver the entrustment laid upon him by remembering the last words from the First Transcript:

…we are one, and a you help me, you advance.”
First Transcript

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NDE (Near-death experiences)—A glimpse at what lies ahead book by Francisco Valentin

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Would you be surprised if I tell you that a Near Death Experience is nothing more than a spiritual experience? And what if I provide you with enough evidence to that indisputable truth and without theological ties…this time around?
Francisco Valentín

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