It all started one summer day of 1979 when at the young age of eighteen, and due to a fatal car crash, I died. And when I came back, I brought back with me certain knowledge not taught to us in schools.

But my Death Experience (DE), or Near-Death Experience (NDE), as many have learned to call it, is not what brought me to public speaking today, because that would make me one among many, and I am not an exception to the rule.

I’m here today before you because on July 7, 2011, at approximately 10 PM EST, my twenty-year-old son went into a spiritual trance, and a ‘Spirit of Light,’ spoke through his voice to remind me of an agreement that took place in 1979 and the reason for my return.

But first, the Spirit of Light answered all those questions I couldn’t get a straight answer from humanity, and before it departed, it granted me access to Higher Truth so I can finish my quest and begin my work.

The following day I woke up with an unprecedented urge to write and began to transcribe verbatim the dialogue that took place between the spirit of light and me. Call it automatic writing if you will. This event leads to the publishing of the First Transcript.

Subsequently, I began waking up between hour 1 and 3 past midnight to transcribe profound teachings revealing the true nature of our existence and ultimate life purpose, to later instructed to publish them as The Transcripts.

Today I am being led to serve as the interpreter of the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom. I receive their intent, perceive them, and transcribe them into words. My job is to explain them in as many ways as possible to help you remember what your soul may have long forgotten for to lack of support.


The image below was taken from one among my first lectures I gave at a local venue.

The image below comes from my first social group lecture on April 15, 2015 at the Metaphysical Society of Sun City Center, Florida, where I first draw a full audience as I shared my transcendental experiences, lessons and message to humanity.

The image below was taken as I became a guest speaker at The Spirit University, in Sarasota, Florida and later became a workshop facilitator.

My spiritual journey continued as I was lead to Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp in Cassadaga, Florida in a very interesting and unusual way. On April 17, 2016, I became a guest speaker at the Colby Memorial Temple (picture below). Later I became a frequent guest speaker and lecturer.

As my journey continued I was invited to attend as a panel speaker for the first Spanish NDE 101 workshop (ECM 101) at the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) 2016 Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Francisco on the Media

Francisco has written various articles published in renowned publications such as Wellness and Natural Awakening.

Francisco on the radio

He has also been interviewed and featured in blog radio stations…

…and has participated in forums, conferences, assemblies and many other metaphysical activities as well.

Truth is One, interpretations, many


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