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Insights of Higher Truth given by the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom pertaining to the origin and purpose of Life, which are received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentin.

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Here you will find the answer to your many wonders, as they emerge while reading each Transcript.

Not everyone learns at the same pace, neither the level of understanding is equally distributed among us all. Some are fast learners while others need more time than others. Therefore, each Transcript will help you understand, at your own pace and comprehension level the core message depicted in the original Transcript.

There may be sentences in each Transcript that at first would make no sense to some and perfect common sense to others.

There may also be sentences that some may find too rudimentary, but if you search deep within, you will find a deeper truth embedded in the simplicity of those words.

You may also find concepts, not in accord with what you might have learned before, which will trigger in you the question: Who got it wrong?

That’s when I ask you to keep in mind that once it was thought by the self-proclaimed great minds of the past that the Sun orbited a flat Earth and whoever questioned the knowledge from the elders was punished for heresy.

Each Transcript will give you a series of though pondering lessons, as it explains that much needed Higher Truth in order to (metaphorically speaking) return Home.

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A Life Review Shown By The CFKW

Transcript 111023213835 1 Your work here is to explain how things work, by means of creating examples people can relate for easy understanding of the complex process of life. 2 Do not pretend that people fully understand how things work as you, yourself, have not yet...

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Money, Abundance, And The Soul

Transcript 111102084302 1 Letting go of your desires through karma is a tricky task because while karma is the unfolding of our endeavors as we learn to let go of desires, at the same time, we endure the discipline or the lessons we are taught as a result of our...

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The Life Process In You

1 Take life as a learning process throughout your life. 2 Take everything you do, everything you see, and everything that surrounds you as a learning experience and learn from it. 3 Don't get obsessed in the learning process by setting in motion the endless...

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First Time Notion

Transcript T111206124725 When a new insight of Higher Truth is given and there is no point of reference to go by, all we can do (CFKW) is to find tributes of something similar to make a close reference such as; it feels like, it looks like, it smells like, it tastes...

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The Simplicity In Religion

TRANSCRIPT 111205080314 1 Once you start questioning the simplicity being taught in religion, you come to understand how life works. 2 One example is when a child asks his parent where do children come from. Parents would usually answer this way: “Well, my child, your...

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Wanting Without Knowing What…

TRANSCRIPT T111206083446 Original transcription:Queremos entender todo lo que nos rodea, cuando no nos podemos entender a nosotros mismos. Y queremos entender como funciona el mundo espiritual sin tan siquiera saber nosotros mismos lo que queremos en la vida....

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A Glimpse At Our Origin

Transcript 120114082851 1 When you become tired, it is because you keep thinking about the same subject over and over again. That is when you become tired, tired of thinking. 2 The mind, through the spirit, needs some rest on the thinking. And while dreaming, the...

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How To Be Happy

 TRANSCRIPT 120114082156 1 Be happy. Your thoughts are going to be good and positive because now you understand the thinking process. So, from now on, all your thoughts are going to be good. 2 If your thoughts are of good origin, then your conversation with others...

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Where Love Could Take You

TRANSCRIPT T120114115256 1 Hunger is none other than a distraction as the soul gets bored, frustrated. 2 Take the mind away from the original thought and give it a rest. Everyone needs a rest. 3 See, while you are playing a sport, you don’t feel hunger or even thirst....

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Are You In Search For Peace?

They feel and endure but need not bring about for whatever comes their way, for free will does not exist in their reign. And not even resignation exists because resignation is knowing and not being able to do about.

En busqueda de Paz

Y sienten y padecen, pero se tienen que resignar a lo que venga, por no haber libre albedrío en ellas. Y ni tan siquiera resignación existe, porque resignación es el saber y no poder hacer.

What is the purpose to live?

To be. Simply to be. Observe the I want to live, I want to see,  want to touch, I want to hear, I want to smell, I want to taste, I want to feel, I want to express myself in human form, I want to experience life thru the senses,…and (paradoxically) fight it off and become still in order to feel the peace that brings the quieting of the mind, and express yourself thru the sixth sense

The inward vs the outward world

The astral world through the conscious mind, inward, is where the beginning of life is found. As there is an infinite from within there is an infinite that belongs to the outward world.

What other worlds exist beyond this world?

Let go of fears and let go of individuality, for the soul is only taking a journey into experiencing the world you have chosen to live rather than experiencing life in other realms.

Is my 1 your 10?

Once upon a time, there was an argument between two people over the meaning of a word that one used and the other took as an extreme offense. Walking nearby was a sage who overheard the argument and took upon himself to stop the debate with simple words. The sage walked closer and stood still to call their attention and asked:

Latest life experience—from the transcriber to you

Today is Sunday, April 15, 2018. It’s already 9 PM, and I’m exhausted. My body aches, and I still have ahead of me four days before I finish moving out of my soon to be former home.

What Makes One Become Spiritual

Keep the body balanced by keeping the mechanical structure strong and flexible: Do stretching, physical activities, and strengthening to keep the physical from the imbalance that brings illness. Feed your body well and in moderation

Who Am I?

That indeed is the first question one asks to himself: “Who am I?”

Then one moves to the next set of question: “What am I here for?” “What am I doing here?” and many others. Choose yours, but in true essence, the original question is “Who am I?”

Religions - Would anyone ever tell the truth?

Why are we still wondering who is right and who is not in this war against ourselves, keeping us all separate from the other in the name of which religion is the precursor of truth; when for one to be right the other must be wrong?

The art of detaching a simplified view

You learn your lessons when you pay attention to what is given to you.

What does individuality means to the soul

Humanity must realize that through the physical body the spirit seeks individuality and derails itself from its spiritual path.

What old belief systems made us believe

For men had not been taught the Universal Principles of the Origin and Purpose of Life by relying on conventional wisdom. Therefore, for something to happen, it was believed it must first have been done by someone.

Peace Meditation Exercise

Transcript V Peace Meditation Exercise Take rest in comfort. Close your eyes to avoid distraction through the senses. Ease your mind and disconnect yourself from the reminding senses: touch, smell, hearing and taste. Take all your thoughts and tell to yourself:

To be with god here and now

Transcript IV To be with God here and Now Do not allow negative thought to enter your mind—for every though that you allow to enter your mind it disturbs the way you see life. Walk away from the cluster humanity has created for themselves and begin to see everything…

You are given a path transcript

Transcript III You are given a path You are given a path; a platform to work with. Your conscious mind does not recognize it because it goes beyond your reasoning. Nevertheless it does exists and so are noises beyond our hearing span and masses the human eye cannot…

Transcript II

Do not try to explain everything Do not try to explain everything because everything cannot be explained, and even if it can be explained, it takes stages of learning process to fully digest and understand those aspects that do not relate to human understanding.

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