The Soul’s Journey Through Earth


1 If we all are One and come from one, yet we are individuals, and as individuals, we exist, is because we created our body form. This body-form will eventually decay, leading to our physical death. However, our soul lie within another realm of reality— that is how the spirit world manifests.

2 We are still individuals. We are still on a journey. The difference lies in the fact that now we don’t have a physical body to manifest, yet we still manifest in ways other than body form.

3 But we still have desires, emotions, and everything that it takes to be humans because the soul keeps dwelling in what it thinks is and is not.

4 An intent to move forward or to keep emotional attachments that one had, either dwelling closely to what it feels right for one or detaching in acknowledgment that the soul is a soul and the body is a body, allows for the soul’s manifestation in a new form. You see?

5 This manifestation can either be in the form of getting closer to God, if one so desires, closer to Earth, if one so desires, or spirit transformation through other levels of reality if chosen to.

6 Once it is acknowledged that the human body-form is a choice and that there are other options through reincarnation or spiritual experimentation within the spirit world, in essence, it is a manifestation of the soul in another plane of reality.

7 (*)Men have a conscious mind that governs the thought form of what is and is not, leading them to a level of understanding based on principles previously taught in a frame of mind different from this (higher) plane of reality.

8 FV—How do men reach this (higher) plane of reality?

9 CFKW— Meditation quiets the mind. Meditation allows you for the quieting of the mind to recognize there is another plane of reality within oneself. This acknowledgment is the first step towards reaching another level of comprehension.

10 If men keep insisting that their plane of reality is the only one and use prayer solely for begging or expressing desires, expecting things to manifest merely by vocalizing them, they will remain stuck in their current state. Meditation practices are a form of quieting the mind.

11 FV—Can you give me a good analogy?

12 CFKW— See it as a telephone. Visualize the telephone as the mind. Observe how the telephone used to function as a two-way communication device—an analog form of interaction between two parties. At a certain point, that was the only available option—a stationary method of communication where you were either reachable or not.

13 Now, consider how technology has transformed the telephone from analog to digital. It further evolved from a mobile device in the car with a receiving box to a small portable device capable of multitasking. It has found new ways of communication, from texting to voice messages, GPS, cameras, and much more. Similarly, the mind undergoes such progression.

14 In the past, you (FV) used to carry out a straightforward task: processing information from the outside world, learning to act and react based on the teachings received in the past. Now, observe the activity of your mind and its ability to access other realms.

15 This analogy can be used to help people comprehend a previous stage of the thinking process that once was and no longer is.

16 See how today’s technology, an impossible task for a telephone 30 years ago, has significantly advanced over the past three decades.

17 Free your mind and know that this stage of consciousness can be easily attained by grasping the principle of Oneness.

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Article 7— Man: The original definition of man is a human being of either sex; a person. Etymology: From Middle English men, from Old English menn (“people”), from Proto-Germanic manniz, nominative plural of Proto-Germanic mann- (“person”). Him, Himself. He: pronoun, anyone (without reference to gender); that person: He who hesitates is lost.

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