The Need To Wake Up


1 We need to awaken from the world we live in that has become this lost dream, which is none other than a dream of a dream itself as we keep moving away from our center (origin.)

2 That is part of our existence and a Higher Truth of what God is: Being in movement, seeking from within oneself one’s center that could help us grow and progress in the creator’s world and whose origin is imperceptible, what many call abstract, which cannot be seen or be felt or expressed, but through what limited truth our thought process can bring, creating, therefore, a constant torment for been searching without answers while getting tired of being in *movement.

3 Everything moves, and movement is a reflection of what life is. Life is movement—every thing that we still do not comprehend, which is truth, having been tightly held secretly undisclosed throughout centuries and sheltered through *one unified concept.

4 It is within us (CFKW) to help you understand that the world you believe exists is a thought that keeps us distant from our center, that which is eternal, tied to the world in movement, constantly vibrating in energy expressed through an illusion as everything becomes a complex and concrete movement of matter.

5 We keep holding on to that idea because it feeds us, gives us life, and gives us the impression that all this is *creation. But that is not true. We live in a world of our own creation.

6 But *our world is a thought that takes us through the spiral of all that is real, which is also an illusion of all that is and exists.

7 All this information has been given throughout innumerable messages, ideologies, and traditions regarding creation and evolution. And the world we live in is the *conglomerate of all which we all have already lived, which comes to fruition through new creation.

8 All those who move already know one truth. That truth could be of suffering, attachment, emotions, one’s accounts, or creation from our aspects while attempting to balance all this through our thoughts and all that is truth.

9 (Message to the reader) Convey this message to your children so that each one can establish their truth based on the facts, including all that has been made part of this message, so they can understand that truth is one. And let them express themselves throughout each movement as an expression of loving kindness, as part of creation, knowing that to *err is the opposite of truth.

10 Good and bad do not exist. They are attempts to define a truth of life expressions from different angles as one contemplates crossing the open space of seas—a world of liberties— which is the truth of every self.

11 Just as the opposite of the seas are the forests and fields. They also have their truth and reason for being: *The power to have and conquer everything the world has to offer, its complexity, the uncertain, that which is true for them.

12 This entire physical world has been created in all its parts, everywhere, creation in movement, established by politics, religion, and other movements, which makes the self (us humans) uncertain (hesitant, confused) of our true essence and the path that would lead us all to the truth of our existence.

13 Truth is movement. Each one of us is interconnected by creation. *That is why it is said that what affects one affects the other.

14 We all are One because we are unified, just like a spider web. We all are interconnected. That is why it has been so many times said that any harm you do to others, you do to yourself.

15 Through the unbalancing, one gets confused, no longer understands, and is drawn into confusion as to what truth is, what creation is, and what all this is. You see?

16 Movement, creation, interpretation, conceptualization—all that matters is that you move.

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Article 2—Movement means expressing oneself.
Article 3—Religion, politics, history, science.
Article 5—The creation we are told that came from God and not from ourselves.
Article 6—I am making reference to Planet Earth as I speak and receive their intent, not to be mistaken with the world the Collective belongs to.
Article 7—Karma.
Article 9—To err implies to lie, deceive, transgress, conceal, disguise, false pretense, misrepresent, falsehood.
Article 11—Opposite to the metaphor of the sea, this represents the land where man inhabits, wanting to dominate, possess, and conquer everything they can.
Article 13—Law of cause and effect, karma, rebalance of the soul.

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Truth is One; interpretations many.
— Transcript —

“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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