The One Reason Why the CFKW Are Here—Disclosure


1 You see? I take you one step at a time where you have to learn the basics, then you keep moving deeper into consciousness.

2 At first, you can’t decipher very well your thoughts. You get confused and stumble in what you may consider the truth.

3 Truth is One! But the interpretation and way it reaches the mind, as it becomes distorted, is another.

4 It’s like driving a car. At first, you must drive it slowly and take easy to maneuver routes before increasing speed and move to more challenging roads.

5 Right now, your mind is confused—but is not the mind but YOU, as spirit, the one being confused: Because from an unreal world where there is so much density and whereas you have so much identified with your thoughts and their complexities, which you are so used to, you have not reasoned it in this way before, you see?

6 You will then come to terms and learn how to control your thoughts to become a bit more assertive, then we will take you in another direction.

7 FV—Why did you say you will take me in plural form?

8 CFKW—Because we are many. You see? We are many through this path, as one helps another. And we are helping you because although the soul’s salvation is individual, it is also a collective one. You see? It’s of collective nature.

9 So, when you hear from those more advanced, you will understand new concepts and how they work. This is not to discourage you—to the contrary, so you can look forward to all you need to understand and learn.

10 But for that, you need a physical body, the desire to be alive, not anger but fire inside you for wanting to be alive so you can learn.

11 And by learning, you will understand. And by understanding, you move forward. And by moving forward, you are building your energy to spin the wheel of those many who are just like you.

12 That is why we are many the ones spinning this wheel; to speed the process and move away from this density that is so much tying us all, you see?

13 We need you to have the energy and not the confusion; the desire, not discouragement; the fury, not dismay, to move the masses, to move everything. You see?

14 And your body is healthy and strong—but you must take care of it. You see? You must take care of it. And this was just a warning to let you know you must take care of it, so you can do your job.

15 You are already fifty (years old). You are just beginning. Now you start moving. Don’t be on the lookout for confusion because we need you to do this job and bring to the world these experiences, for the world to move much faster—and you will make it happen…big time…big timebig time

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Truth is One; interpretations many.
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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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