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 1 Acknowledge that everything changes constantly. Be happy for it, be glorious for it. Embrace it, love it, enjoy it. Enjoy every single change and every new thing that you see in life.

2 See it and feel it, as you are enjoying this life today, because you are a different person. You are not the same as yesterday, even though you may have a different impression of who you are, you are not.

3 You are older, you are wiser, you are stronger or weaker, more or less conscious, more or less passionate, more or less compassionate, and everything has beauty within it.

4 Take those moments when you are less compassionate and see why not. See what it is that you need to see, learn, or experience for you to understand why today you are not as compassionate as yesterday, and embrace that challenge; you see?

5 Embrace it, sense it, live it…and let go! You then will see the beauty only in the attachment, and what is holding you back.

6 That does not mean that you are going to become careless! It’s like floating down the river. You can float and enjoy the beauty through its path.

7 Still, you need to watch out for debris, logs, and rocks, much like any other adversity in life as you move through this realm, which is in constant movement. Live life and enjoy every minute of it.

8 If you are with a partner and that partner is part of your life, it is not a matter of preserving what you have, because partnerships work at a deeper level.

9 You both may have been set to walk this journey together, walk this journey halfway through, or be together for a little while to help, and then move on. You see?

10 Those relationships are, at a deeper level, beyond our comprehension because we cannot see it but feel it. We have to feel it.

11 It is, in essence, like in school. You may have one teacher explaining to you one subject. But once the teacher is done explaining, you may be set with another teacher to learn another subject.

12 You cannot be too preoccupied thinking if you are going to be partners forever. We don’t know how others are going to help us through our lives, work with, or experience things at a level beyond our reasoning or comprehension.

13 Then attachment sets in, and the person hopes for the partner never to leave. But that is at a very superficial level of us wanting to hold on to something not realizing the truth behind it. Truth is one at a different level, you see?

14 And even though two souls may have agreed to walk this path together, one of the two may disrupt the initial agreement, and no longer wanting to continue the path… because they may need to do some learning first.

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