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The First Transcript is the first (spiritually guided) transcription made to account verbatim the event that took place on July 7, 2011, when a Spirit of Light manifested through my son’s voice to remind me of an agreement that took place one summer day in 1979, when at the young age of eighteen, and due to a fatal car crash, I died and came back knowing things not taught in schools.

But first, the spirit of light answered all those questions I had kept buried deep inside me as to the truth of our existence, and before its departure, it granted me access to Higher Truth, so I can finish my quest and begin my work.

Please notice that although the dialog was transcribed as a conversation between my son (Son) and me (Father), by the third 3Article the Spirit of Light took over my son’s voice. That is why I replaced (Son) and (Father) to (Spirit) and (Father) from Article 3 onward.

Furthermore, the answers to my questions were given at a basic level I could understand at the time and not necessarily at the level they are being transcribed today.

If you have not read the true story leading to this day, I highly suggest that you CLICK HERE, to learn how it all began.

First Transcript

July 7, 2011

10:30 PM ET Tampa, FL


1Son: Come, dad, how beautiful, listen, how lovely, I can sense a bright orb, gorgeous, surrounded by lights from all over.

2Father: What are you saying?
Son: They are like small spheres circling everywhere, but we are one.

3Father: What do you mean we are one?
Spirit: I mean, we are ONE!

4Father: And how did it all begin?
— Spirit: An unbalance took place.

5Father: And how did such unbalance take place?
Spirit: It just came about.

6Father: And why did it have to come about?
Spirit: Because an unbalance took place.

7Father: And why did it have to happen?
Spirit: Because it had to happen.

8Father: And how did that unbalance take form?
Spirit: Don’t know.

9Father: But aren’t you supposed to know since we are one?
Spirit: Yes, but not because we are one we know everything there is to know, there are deeper things that are out of range for us to see.

10Father: But, how is it that we got separated?
Spirit: It just happened.

11Father: And what is it that had to happen?
—  Spirit: We got disconnected.

12Father: And why did we disconnect?
—  Spirit: Don’t know; it simply had to happen.

13Father: And why did God allow it to happen?
—  Spirit: Because it had to happen.

14Father: And what is it that had to happen?
—  Spirit: We got bored and got out of balance, and we are here seeking to return to our origin.

15Father: And how can we return to our origin?
—  Spirit: Doing what we are doing.

16Father: And what are we doing?
—  Spirit: Returning.

17Father: And for that, we need to suffer?
—  Spirit: It’s part of it.

18Father: Part of what?
—   Spirit: We need to let go of desire to end suffering.

19Father: And for that, I need to suffer?
—  Spirit: It’s part of it.

20Father: But what have I done that I end up suffering?
—  Spirit: It’s Karma; it takes about four to five reincarnations to manifest.

21Father: You mean I did wrong, and it took that many lives to pay for what I did?
—   Spirit: Yes.

22Father: And why do others suffer as well?
—   Spirit: Because it’s part of it.

23Father: And Jesus too? Why did he have to suffer?
—   Spirit: Because he came out of free will to help us understand, and he chose to do it in such a significant way that his message could spread all over the world as a huge explosion would.

24Father: And for that, he had to suffer?
—   Spirit: He didn’t suffer! His body did, but not his spirit.

25Father: But he did suffer!
—   Spirit: Do you actually think all of this is real? No, it is not; this is just a manifestation of expression.

26Father: But we do have a body, we are flesh!
—   Spirit: No, it is just that we need a body to be able to express the senses; for instance, touch, taste, smell, and so on.

27Father: But, none of this exists?
—   Spirit: Yes and no. In essence, it does not. It is just a manifestation.

28Father: But for that, we need to suffer?
—   Spirit: It’s part of it, so you can let go.

29Father: Let go of what?
—   Spirit: Desire, so we can go back into balance.

30Father: And when we go back into balance, what do we do?
—   Spirit: We stay in balance where there is no desire, total and abundant peace, nothing to fear, nothing to worry about; all beauty in union and love.

31Father: And then what, if there is nothing else to do?
—   Spirit: See? That’s how unbalance takes place; when something wants to be done.

32Father: You mean that a new cycle begins?
—   Spirit: Yes, until it rebalances itself again.

33Father: And again, and again and again?
—   Spirit: Yes, until it rebalances itself again.

34Father: Why? (utterly frustrated)
—   Spirit: Because it’s part of it!

35Father: And what does religion have to do with all this?
—   Spirit: Different roles, each bringing a message in different forms.

36Father: And which one brings the true message?
—   Spirit: All of them bring a message in different ways.

37Father: But which one is closest to the true message?
—   Spirit: The closest? (long pause) Buddhism.

38Father: But what about Jesus?
—   Spirit: Who can dispute that Jesus came to Earth and in the lost years learned those principles and returned to spread His message?

39Father: And why am I here?
—   Spirit: Don’t you see? You and I agreed to come down for you to help me do my entrustment.

40Father: And do I have to go through all these troubles to help you?
—   Spirit: It’s part of it. We are one, and as you help me, you advance.

Following this event, I was prompted to wake up between hours one and three Ante meridiem (AM) every day to download Higher Truth as it pertained to the true nature of our existence.

Today, my work is to serve as a conduit by which the message comes through, as well as explaining and spreading the word on behalf of the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom, from first-hand accounts, understanding that the message comes forward without theological ties, this time around.
I invite you to read the Transcripts today.