Here you will learn How It All Started

It all started one summer day of 1979 when at the young age of eighteen, and due to a fatal car crash, I died and came back with knowledge not taught to us in schools.

But my Death Experience (DE), or Near-Death Experience (NDE), as many have learned to call it, is not what brought me to public speaking today, because that would make me one among many, and I am no exception to the rule.

I’m here today before you because on July 7, 2011, at approximately 10 PM EST, my twenty-year-old son went into a spiritual trance, and what I would call a ‘Spirit of Light,’ spoke through his voice to remind me of an agreement that took place in 1979, in return of my life.

But first, the Spirit of Light answered all those questions I couldn’t get a straight answer from anywhere in the world and before it departed, it granted me access to Higher Truth so I can finish my quest and begin my work.

The following day…

I woke up with an unprecedented urge to write and began to transcribe verbatim the dialogue that took place the night before between the spirit of light and me. Call it automatic writing if you will. This event leads to the publishing of the First Transcript.

(I will give you free access to the First Transcript at the end of these lines)

Subsequently, I began waking up between hour 1 and 3 past midnight to transcribe profound information that I have been prompted to publish as The Transcripts.

What are The Transcripts?

At times they manifest as automatic writing, feelings, drawings, visions, or dreams and in some occasions as a lecture or reprimand I am compelled to write or voice record.

Over 500 transcripts has been already recorded since 2011 and counting.

Who are those from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom?

Some call them Spirits, others describe them as Angels, few interpret them as Ascended Masters, and some view it as coming from Higher Sources. However; as one of the Transcripts read: “Name calling limits the source through reasoning; rather say it to come from The Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom.

Truth is One, interpretations many many 


Who is Francisco Valentín?

Some people say I’m a medium or a channeler. In earlier times, I would have been called a Seer or an Oracle. Therefore, to avoid confusion, let’s say I’m the conduit by which the information comes through.

What is Higher Truth?

Higher Truth is like math. You must first learn to count basic numbers before you could learn to add and subtract any of them. Then you proceed to learn to multiply and ultimately divide numbers before you could bring them together to solve an algebraic equation. In this case, the mysteries of life.

 As promised, here you can read the First Transcript

You can read the agreement embedded in the First Transcript. Just click the parchment to find it as it was revealed to me on July 7, 2011.


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