Opening Up To New Realities

1 Has it dawned on you that you might have chosen to experience this life through your present environment, circumstances, behavior patterns, and your surroundings, including the fact that others might be living in another reality?

2 It is your choice to be aware of this present reality and choose not to be involved, aware, or conscious of the existence of other planes of reality.

3 There is one question many have, and many are disturbed by what goes beyond human comprehension: If we are One and come from One, then our manifestation is a fractional aspect of ourselves, where each fractional aspect identifies with the reality of their own, making this world as complex as it can be knowing how divisible in infinite ways one can manifest.

4That divisibility is limited in form. You may have chosen a reality at this time where you could be comprehending what life is all about, by choice, while to others, reality may come from another plane to express themselves in all different aspects of it.

5 The problem with humanity within their soul is their inability to move forward because of lack of will. You See? Also known as lack of faith.

6 Just as it has been said that if you have the faith of a grain of mustard, you could move mountains, not to be taken literally, but it was said for you to understand your limitations and the extent of your powers.

7 Limitations come from within, based on the level of understanding and the present consciousness, time, and space you have experienced. For instance, the oppressed may not have the willpower to free from the oppressor and allow the oppression to perpetuate due to one’s innate inability to free oneself from the oppressor. And when asked how one could have allowed such an act to perpetuate, denial of the past becomes their present as one chooses to erase it from memory justifying one’s action with oblivious reasoning.

8 You can see that behavior everywhere, in different circumstances. There are those who claim they live in poverty when they may not have the willingness or power to move out of poverty. Many others live in war, or hunger, being attached to suffering, and we judge, not knowing that each person has bidding to do in their realm of realities and comprehension of creation, emotions, attractions, and aversions where some need to go through it for one lifetime, and maybe more before realizing that they need to move forward. Again, the word ‘forward’ means for you to understand that you must move.

9 Becoming stagnant is becoming attached to suffering. Attaching to pleasures is also becoming stagnant because the soul does not move out of tentative form.

10 When in search of spirituality, all its aspects must be taken into account for humanity to understand that, for one thing, judging is none other than the lack of understanding of how all things work.

11 People get attached to the density of this world driven by forces that keep them revolving around the same. Take notice how humanity is driven by the effort of those many who want for this world to become perpetual and want to become perpetual themselves within this world, not allowing for nature to take its course.

12 You can see how power and greed allow distortion in ways against nature and care not of the consequences because of greed. In the end, many know nature will find ways to re-balance itself. Meanwhile, greed takes over, and the revolving action and reaction of everything that was conceived unfold.

13 Take notice that through spirituality and the true essence of old scriptures tells us that in order for you to move into a “higher” level of consciousness with the One source that binds us all, you must let go of this density world.

14 This has been told and written many times before, but we have not allowed ourselves to comprehend, believing we could be denying our existence in order to acquire the true knowledge that lies behind it.

15 Believing also that no such thing exists is much like denying that someone is wrong. In their own reality, they feel they are right. That rightfulness surrounds the person as a whole and creates an environment that fits within their reality to justify all their realities within their own existence.

16 And while others try to help them understand that their reality is non-existent but from their own creation, they will not understand because they will not allow themselves to understand.

17 You can see this every day, at all times, people living their own reality, building an imaginary world where nothing exists but what surrounds their minds. That cage—that protective wall among people is the one that won’t allow them to understand the process.

18 You can see and read this in scriptures of many religions, prophets bringing forward different subjects like this and many others. And many people read and listen, but at a superficial level for as long as their identity is not threatened. And so they go on with their lives.

19 You can see it every day, where people go to church to pray, chant, worship, and upon leaving the church, they go back to their old wrongful ways. You can also see it in those who receive messages from all over. They acknowledge it, understand it, but in the end, they turn around and dismiss it.

20 You can see it every day, people claiming a high level of spirituality but gossiping over their neighbor.

21 You can see it every day, with every action, how people create their own world, and within their protective confinement, they make their own reality and work within that reality to understand how life works.

22 But each one of us, through diversity, have our own reality, and our own reality modifies itself, changing with the external information we receive where once there was an illogical aspect to later becoming the most logical as a new reality sets-in just by receiving a piece of information in a specific moment when the person has evolved in such a way that it can be comprehended at once.

23 Yet, it could also be that a repeated message be given throughout their lifetime, and not even put a dent in their reality shell.

24 You can see it every day, where each one’s reality is of their own, being modified by the coexistence with the rest of the world.

25 You can see it every day; people reading an article and each one getting a different perspective because whatever message is being brought forward, it needs to be assimilated with previous knowledge, previous understanding, and previous comprehension, to be affixed with the new reality, and to get a new perspective of whatever it is.

26 You can see it every day, in all its existence, so, do not ever judge anyone and do not ever pretend that what you know is the ultimate reality, because you will soon learn that such ultimate reality has changed, as the world you live in is constantly evolving and new realities come about.

27 Only through internalization of the self is how one finds the origin of it all. Remember, the outside world is creation in unlimited form; the inner world is the essence of our origin. That is all for today.

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