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1 Humanity must realize that through the physical body the spirit seeks individuality and derails itself from its spiritual path.
2 It is through desires that humanity enters into the mirage called freedom, and it is we (spirits) who seek to help to put humanity back on track.
3 Humanity must learn that good and evil does exist and through spirituality, one can reach enlightenment while searching for the individuality of God, which makes everything move in search of truth which is the vibrating force made true as reality takes form from the divine consciousness of the first and original thought.
4 As there are beings of light so are beings of darkness, for they must give-in to their futile attempt to spread evil, as the physical body must balance itself away from its primary source, which is of evil thoughts called temptation, which is what governs humanity as a whole while seeking individuality.
5 Take for instance the word “I” as it means individuality from the simplest “I want” to the complex “I don’t want.” See?
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This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín

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An abstract from the original transcriber,
Francisco Valentin

Individuality is one of the most controversial words as to its application. Psychologists see individuality as the ultimate goal anyone should reach, since individuality will define who you are, and gives you the freedom to express yourself at will.
On the other hand, for those seeking the spiritual path, individuality is defined as your ability to choosing the best path through deity or way of life. In the end—everyone wants to enjoy the freedom that brings having their individuality.
Now, when it comes to The Transcript, individuality means the identification with your physical aspect as a human being. As the soul incarnates, it loses its identification with its source the moment the child becomes taught to believe he or she was born from their parent, surrogate mother, or sooner than expected—from an artificial womb.
A belief system is then imposed upon them—either of religious origin, metaphysical or scientific nature. A social and cultural set of ideas as to how to think, behave and respond is embedded in their minds. By the time the child’s mind is fully developed, those principles imposed on them become the foundation for their individuality.
Keep in mind that I’m talking about social/cultural development and I do not include (for this article) those inherited traces from parents and what the soul brings forward from his or her previous lives’ experiences as the sum total in their latest existence.
Take for instance how individuality is defined as “distinguishing one from the other”—or “separate existence” for a better word.
By then the child already knows what they want, and the social rule is to “overcome any obstacle” to achieve “whatever they want.”
Once this becomes the new rule, “to fulfill one’s desires,” humanity loses its ability to connect with its true self.
On article 3 of this Transcript, the intent is not to attest the existence of evil as it has been depicted by our ancestors. It is more like an easy way to help you understand how bad or ill intents are all around us. As I have said in the past, and from what I’ve retrieved from The Transcripts; the simplest term to express that everything that has been seen on Earth can also be found in the next realm is the term “As Above, So Below.”
Trust me on this one: As there are those many who trick you into doing things you wouldn’t usually do and then have fun at your expense; or deceive you to later benefit from you—there are many others in the spirit realm reaching out for those weak in character to do their bidding.
This Transcript’s original intent is to lead humanity into centering themselves and walk away from temptation.
Keep in mind that each Transcript brings Higher Truth at different comprehension levels, meaning that no one subject is ever intended to be fully explained in a few paragraphs. See them as pieces of a big puzzle that needs to be put together one piece at a time.
Thank you for sharing time with me.
—Francisco Valentin
Author and publisher of The Transcripts

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