How To Eradicate Suffering


1 Suffering is happening all the time. Whether you are aware of it or not, the total unbalances on earth, as of how things are and how people relate to something, is happening at all times.

2 Child abuse, animal abuse, murder, abuse and misuse…look around. You can see this all over the place. Take, for instance, the most primitive and controversial issue about sex. Even the word ‘sex’ brings you disharmony, for it has been utterly misused.

3 You might see sex as casual, but you might also see infidel and immoral acts. Some might see them as something good, while others see it as wrong, like indulgence. You can see the unbalance going on constantly; regardless of whether you are conscious about it or not, it is happening!

4 FV—And what to do about it?

5 CFKW—Compassion. Through compassion, you must understand how the universal forces unfold in different ways. Things need to unfold in order to create a balance. Things that got out of balance because of desire, power…you see it every day, all the time…power from politics, the spouse abuse, the bullying of children, the many committing suicides, people being killed in the name of God, in the name of justice, and whatever definition people give to that something that in their eyes is either good or bad.

6 What may be good for someone, for another, it may not be. You can see this throughout cultural rituals and religions; like, for instance, the religious practice of self-flagellation and other cultural rituals where suffering takes place.

7 You can see the unbalance unfolding, and the suffering comes from the interpretation one gives to the experience. That does not mean that one is not going to suffer; it is that based on your definition of something being out of balance, only through compassion you can then balance it out in your world. You see?

8 Compassion is that energy balance: The energy that you bring forth through the thought-form, given out from within yourself for you to create a balance and stop your suffering. By putting an end to your suffering, you do your part in finding a balance while understanding how it all unfolds.

9 The moment everyone starts creating that compassionate feeling moving forward, those who do not understand the process begin to understand, and the suffering will balance itself out.

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