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1 FV: Deception. What is deception? Why do men (humanity) cannot be trusted? Why do men lie? Why do they lie while being fully conscious of their lies distorting the truth to mislead others at their convenience? So how to know what is good and what is not?

2 CFKW: If by taking what is not good and mislead others into believing to be good, you may achieve all you want as good, but what’s wrong is still wrong.

3 So, even if you think of it as something good, it will still be wrong. It’s just that you don’t see it; nevertheless, it IS. Evil does exist.

4 Evil exists as good exists. Can you see it? Can you understand it? Good exists comparatively to evil, and that subject has already been addressed. So, let’s jump to a new subject—one you have never asked before. Think of a new concept. Find it within all the questions you keep asking. Search, ask…ask. Why can’t you ask?

 5 FV: Because there is nothing else to ask. Now is a matter of applying it all. But what about the spiritual world? That world that many claim it does exist and is not from this realm or from this realm I cannot see? 

6 CFKW: It also has already been explained to you. You even have been taken there; a frequency you still need to adjust into. Therefore, it weighted on you because you were not ready. And all those manifestations that you have seen, that have taken place, those are only one aspect of spirituality that you will not yet fully understand until you reach that point, you see?

7 As it has already been told: Not everything is accessible to the eyes of men (First Transcript-Article 9) as you must understand that the human mind is limited.

8 How many examples do I have to give to understand that the mind is limited? And that subject has already been addressed as well, you see? What else do you want to ask?

9 FV: What about the dead?

10 CFKW: The flesh dies, but the spirit keeps on living—and that also has already been explained to you.

11 FV: Ah! Extraterrestrial beings? What’s their role in all this?

12 CFKW: You already know. And you know it without accessing us. They are beings just like us all. And they are in the same path searching for the truth of the spirit world, because extraterrestrial beings dwell in the physical world, just like you.

13 There are more advanced civilizations, and there are less advanced civilizations. It is basically the same old game, because it all started, and will keep-on in a process from the first understanding of what matter is by divine creation: biological composition, physical, human expression of what creation is.

14 We are here bound by sentiment, and emotion is only one of many sentiments. Delusion is another one: Emotions, feeling, senses. It’s all the same tied by an emotion. And that emotion is a vibration that gives life.

15 Emotion is a vibration at a higher or lower scale, being an emotion of high caliber the emotion of the human sentiment and spiritual peace, as it gets closer to the reality of human detachment from material things to attract oneself to the spiritual side.

16 And the spiritual remains an attraction. Just as one has an attraction to the physical world, temptations, and the mundane to that attraction, and its absolute opposite is the intention to become spiritual. You see?

17 It is simply an emotion, a desire. A desire to change one’s vibration, to stop you from further suffering for being attached to this world, you see?

18 It is being tied to the world, to the suffering, and similar suffering gives the opposite by wanting to be there, by attraction or fear, but looking for a way — the spiritual way.

19 All those who will follow you are those who seek spirituality, but also understand that they are human beings—that is your mission as you drive them to understand this.

20 But your mission is to make those who vibrate at this level of consciousness understand that they can become spiritual and reach the most profound intention, but they also need to know how to do it.

21 As we told you yesterday: Learn what it takes to become One. That is your mission statement: Unify followers to understand how to become One through all facets, to heal themselves, and to tackle any other unbalance in their lives with in-depth subjects by means of short topics so that they can understand and how to reach this level step by step.

22 FV: Why are we not participants of the Galactic Federation?

23 CFKW: Because we are not yet members. Once we were, but we are no longer because we self-destroyed ourselves, and we had to start from zero to rebuild what we already had in the past.

24 Once there were many delegates on this planet. And something happened. We had to go, and what was planted germinated in what in unison many began to build, unify, and turned into creation, you see?

25 And it was a legacy for lost souls, or to those who have to serve, or to those who have to make amends, to have one more habitat to dwell and evolve in order to gain understanding and be able to advance.

26 Beings like the Pleiades already understand the Universal laws that reign matter, the experience with matter itself, and contemplate and enjoy the knowledge of pure essence.

27 And they have tried to make us understand ‘why’ we have already destroyed our civilization, throughout separate worlds created across the Earth (continents), living and fighting against each other for so many years, by their indulgence as humans, and believing that like The Pleiades, they have individuality, rights, desires, obligations, responsibilities, and all this, and all that which comprises the world humanity created for themselves, you see?

28 Humans keep winding around the world, dragging themselves, and not wanting to let go, like having an orbit and gravitational force much like Earth. And this outer layer becomes the ceiling to those spiritual beings that still do not detach themselves from this world; some of good and some of ill intent. The world is full of them; those who are alive as well as those who no longer have a physical body to dwell on Earth, you see?

29 And as you can see, again, your mind starts to get flooded with adverse thoughts, which has nothing to do with all this: Work with your thought, and let go, let go, let go.

30 Erase from your mind that space that takes, distracts and disturbs you, and does not let you advance, because the temptation is great and the desire is even greater. If you do not put a stop to it, you will suffer when you can no longer physically coexist with the applied thought of a desire that you will no longer be able to fulfill, leading you to another level of suffering where you want but cannot achieve.

31 And I don’t think you want to go through that suffering again, because in past lives the same thing happened to you, and you did not quite understand how it becomes a divine punishment to anyone who does not know how to use it wisely—that it has a purpose, a single purpose in its use, and people have been confused because it is pure carnal desire what drives the reproduction of humanity.

32 Again, you don’t get to know everything there is to know. There are many things that are hidden from human knowledge.

33 FV: What else is hidden from us humans?

34 CFKW: You can’t make humanity understand things they can’t understand, you see?

35 FV: What else is hidden?

36 CFKW: What is hidden, you cannot find it. That is precisely why it is hidden.

37 FV: And how is something hidden from humanity?

38 CFKW: Very simple: Specific knowledge that could harm an individual (for not being able to comprehend) is not allowed into consciousness, you see? Have you ever heard of those who say: “I read it, but I can’t understand it?” Or, “You may teach me, but I still can’t get it?”

39 There are certain people from whom the knowledge that others have is hidden from them, and they will not comprehend until they reach the intellectual capacity at a level that they can then understand, you see?

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