The Meaning of Life


1 FV— What is the meaning of life?

2 CFKW—Meaning is searching.

3 FV—Searching for what?

4 CFKW—Searching for being contentment, being pleased, but not the human satisfaction of things, but satisfaction as a neutral stage that gives tranquility. The same tranquility that cannot be found on Earth as long as we keep searching for meaning. Because meaning will bring questioning, and questioning starts by not understanding the process. That is why we keep questioning, and questioning and questioning. Why this? Why that? Not understanding why everything unfolds.

5 FV— But what is it that needs to be understood that needs answers?

6 CFKW—To satisfy the curiosity and wanting to understand how life work, and in our search for truth we will find more questions to come.

7 Creation is limitless. Creation is forever changing, because who once created, created a creator[*], and that creator kept creating to satisfy curiosity, to satisfy the urge to create, to make, to observe, participate, express to feel the expression of creation in itself.

8 Creation is boundless at different levels. This level (Earth) is bounded by geometry, time, and space, yet creation itself is boundless.

9 The true meaning of life is an everlasting search for truth. There are many (a) searching for truth in expression of themselves, looking for ways to enjoy life, so they say, worried free and boundless happiness.

10 For others, (b) it is nothing more than an irresponsible behavior in society and then expect life to be in orderly fashion— an environment created by society to live in comfort and with benefits in a universe of law and order created by them. While for others, (c) life is an everlasting challenge to find answers to the infinite questions of life.

11 Each one of the three patterns (a,b,c) are in search of that something that brings them a reason to live—a justification for justifiable actions—a reason to live.

12 One enjoys life in orderly fashion while the others experience the painful ways of their truth. In between those three aspects, there are multiple sub-aspects of those experiencing suffering, of those experiencing dismay, of those experiencing wealth, of those experiencing anything they must or should, and they feel the need to be expressed.

13 But detachment from this Earth plane is another aspect extremely hard to grasp and tame for as long as we keep holding to this reality we feel we belong to.

14 It is all about understanding that life is an expression, just an expression—a desire to feel what creation is all about. And for as long as the feeling of joy and happiness is retained, while in the search for those three aspects, humanity will be content by just searching and not necessarily wanting to find it.

15 It is a challenge of humanity to find the truth, and, if ever found, the truth turns out to be that enlightenment comes from detachment. By detachment, we cease to exist in the form that we have been so fond of. For some, that is when they go back to searching in disbelief that what they found is true.

16 That is the experience you (FV) attained when you were taken close to the creator, where you found yourself in the loving experience close to but not wanting to be part of[*]. Because for that you would have to recognize the need to cease to exist and your soul wanted to feel its existence, its identity in form.

17 That individuality is the one we do NOT want to let go, and will keep humanity in that never-ending quest and individuality process, not wanting to conform into becoming one with the creator.

18 That is the hardest of all understandings and acceptance of truth in itself—the not wanting to cease to exist, and to keep individuality for as long as it takes.

19 The creator itself is learning through its experience to wanting to be before it moved as it finds itself in the creative process of itself, by itself and for itself.

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Article 7—Birth and rebirth, creation over creation.
Article 15— This experience is one I do not recall while on the other side in 1979

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