1 Does life has a meaning? What is the purpose of life? And the purpose is searching for what? Contentment?

2 It is being satisfied, but not from human satisfaction but satisfaction as a neutral pattern that gives tranquility. The same tranquility that cannot be found on Earth for as long as we keep searching for meaning, because meaning will bring questioning, and questioning begins by not understanding the process.

3 That is the reason why we question and question and question: Why this, why that, not understanding how everything unfolds.

4 But what is it to understand if it is not by getting answers? To satisfy the curiosity and wanting to understand how things work because in our search for truth we will find more and more questioning to come.

5 Creation is unlimited; creation is forever changing because that who created it, once created a creator; and that creator created creation itself.

6 Creation satisfies curiosity; satisfies the urge to create, to make, to observe, to participate, to express, and to feel the expression of the creation itself.

7 Creation is boundless at different levels. This level is bounded by geometry, by time, by space yet creation itself is boundless.

8 The journey of life is an everlasting search for truth. There are many searching for truth in the expression of themselves looking for, so they claim, enjoying life worry-free, in boundless happiness.

9 For others they are driven by irresponsible behaviors in society and then expect life to be in orderly fashion, which is an environment created by society to live in comfort from a universe created by them; of law and order. While for others life is an everlasting challenge to seekers of the infinite questions of life itself.

10 Each one of the three patterns is all in search of that something that brings them a reason to live; a justification; justifiable actions; or simply to enjoy life: One wants it to be in orderly fashion, and the other seeing the painful way of truth itself.

11 In between of all those three aspects, there are multiple sub-aspects of those experiencing suffering; of those experiencing dismay, of those experiencing poverty, of those experiencing wealth, and of those experiencing what must, should, or feel the need to be expressed.

12 Detachment from this Earth plane is another aspect extremely hard to grasp and attain for as long as we are holding on to this reality we feel we belong to. It is through the understanding that life is an expression; just an expression and desire to explore what creation is all about.

13 And as long as the feeling of joy and happiness in search of those three aspects by themselves is retained, humanity will be content by just “searching” and not necessarily wanting to find it.

14 Because once you begin to search, it becomes a challenge to find it. And if it is ever found what TRUTH turns out to be, the true enlightenment comes from detaching.

15 And from detaching, we will need to cease to exist in this form that we have been so fond of. That is when humanity stops searching and go back to searching that what they actually don’t want to find.

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This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín

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Today I’m bringing forward this Transcript, which supercedes a previous Q&A excerpt from some time, to bring you an aspect many don’t understand, and if they do, choose to turn the other way because cannot grasp that ceasing to exist does not mean the end of life. Instead, it means understanding our true nature so life can make sense once again.

Today I’m bringing the full Transcript to you with the hope that you had already started to master the meditation practices I gave you to help you better understand full Transcripts like this one.

Understanding the concept of ceasing to exist is much like knowing that when you are asleep, you are actually awake, and when you wake up, you are living a dream.

I have come to understand throughout the Transcripts that although detaching from all there is and exists is the ultimate goal, one has to start by committing to achievable things before one can see in depth the true meaning of detaching. It is like pretending from a one-year-old to run before he or she learns how to walk. Or as I said over my live lectures as I explain Higher Truth: It’s like pretending to do algebra before first knowing how to add and subtract, multiply and divide.

Start with little things and move your way up to bigger things. For instance, you may want to start by detaching from what you already know that does your body harm. Then you can move on to detach from the engulfments of life, whatever it may be for you—from the simplest to the complex.

The sad part of humanity is that many see detaching as “giving up” the good things in life and then find themselves in a void when the opposite is true.

For many years I engulfed myself with sodas as my favorite drink. When I chose to give up sodas, I found myself missing out when seeing others enjoying the pleasure that gave the so-called thirst quenching properties of this refreshing beverage.

Today I look back and see how I was lured into drinking such an unpleasant drink, and today I wonder why didn’t I detached from it earlier in life.

Then I moved to give up milk. As I saw the improvement in my digestive system, I stepped forward and gave up eggs, then red meat and so on.

Today I am completely vegetarian and working my way up to ultimately becoming a raw vegan as I learn to walk the talk.

As I set this example, you may see this as a long journey, but in reality, this is only one tiny aspect of the many changes one has to go through before one can truly see beyond the veil imposed to us since birth.

I exhort you to learn more from The Transcripts so life can start making sense once again. Meanwhile, stop and think—just think!

End of abstract.

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