We All Need A Bridge


1 We all need a bridge to go back to the source. Crossing that bridge can be heavy, rocky, thorny, adventurous, or whatever you feel like calling it.

2 It has obstacles, trails, and any form you may want to use to go back to the source. Those bridges are necessary tools to learn to overcome the need to cleanse oneself from all the accumulated weight built throughout past lives to reach the source.

3 Through that bridge, you cleanse as its weight falls on you like self-punishment because it goes against your will, your desires, abnegations, and you proceed to accept, although against your will. That is why it is called self-sacrifice, dismay, suffering—because it becomes a self-induced sacrifice.

4 God does not create sacrifices, regrets, or ailments. All this is created by men in their futile intent, denying to themselves what they know must be done to reach the source. That in itself becomes suffering. You see?

5 When we seek to grow but complain over the path we must follow or have chosen—both leading to the same— it is our complaint that leads us to suffering.

6 The path is One: To return to the source of creation, to what one in essence truly is, and stop being who one believes to be.

7 This is a world where we seek to create and later undo what binds us to this third movement with our actions. Through suffering is how we cleanse, much like time which eventually wears down everything.

8 Likewise, we shall move and release the weight we had accumulated within ourselves from the past and what we created for ourselves, as we need to break our wrong habits of wanting to keep believing that we are all this— and cleanse ourselves.

9 This has been said so many times, and we have not yet believed, we have not yet understood, have only seen it as a fantasy, a story, and have not yet realized that all this has been part of one’s own destiny for not believing in oneself from the essence of what IS.

10 All those words (bridges) have been created by us to hold onto a relationship with the divine and passed from generation to generation. Wrong interpretations have been created, but you must know which way is the way, as it all makes sense. And when it doesn’t, you know it is so because it has been misinterpreted or taken out of context.

11 Trust in yourself and see how the world changes over and over again. What once was, no longer is, because everything changes by humanity’s complexity as they make up everything. You see?

12 You become doubtful when something you don’t expect to happen and you don’t understand how it came to be, I hereby will explain.

13 When the conscious mind gets in the way, and something is wanted to be certain way, one gets confused and doesn’t understand why certain things take place with infused desires and inherent versions. By seeking for an answer to justify one’s actions, one believes what isn’t; that is how people understand what does not exist.

14 When faced with one’s new reality, one sees clearly what one once did not understand. As one sees oneself in the present, what through imagination became a reality in one’s mind, and confusion takes place, one seeks for justification, but what IS has always been, only that by one’s interpretations, it is seen differently.

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Truth is One; interpretations many.
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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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