Healing, Illness, And Life Purpose


1 FV—Healing, how does healing works?

2 CFKW[1]—People often misunderstand the aging process. Healing is nothing more than a thought: A thought that creates a thought which creates another thought that disturbs the balance of the physical body, which is, in essence, a recollection of previous thoughts, in unison with the universal laws of creation; form animal, plant and matter form…anything and everything that surrounds us.

3 It’s a mathematical form of creation for the sole purpose of making all this possible, as everything interconnects one with the other in forms that go beyond reasoning as you understand how everything works.

4 The outside world is real, very real because it is a creation in density as these laws apply.

5 That doesn’t mean that everything is physical. Only this aspect. Everything that you see on the outside is physical. Everything you see from inside is not. Like the Yin and Yang, up and down, cold and hot, and so on…we can go endlessly showing this one concept people misunderstand.

6 What is on the inside is on the outside. What is up is down. As in Heaven is on Earth (as above, so below), they all are truths, you see? Their interpretation is what confuses the world as those who never understood the basic principles kept moving forward and wanted to show the world their (interpreted) truth.

7 Truth is not something you show to the world. Truth is something that one must search for. Humans should search for guiding instruments to help them on an individual basis to seek the truth. And those who cannot see it is because they are not ready. No good or bad, no right or wrong. It just is.

8 Just as a fruit that bears so many seeds because it knows that by nature and its universal principles, not all the seeds will germinate—only a few. And those that do not make it won’t don’t die or perish. They go back to earth to start all over again. You see?

9 Nothing is wasted; nothing perishes. Everything moves, and there is no reward for those who make it and no punishment for those who don’t. The accomplishment in itself is the gratification one receives, by oneself, for knowing which way one is going. You see?

10 Everything that is, exists, and you see works with the same and in the same principle basis that everything you don’t see.

11 The healing process is none other than your ability to understand that you are that seed and either understand the nature of things or don’t. If it’s not understood, then you go back and start all over again. If you find the truth, you will move forward. You see? There is no success or failure; it’s just a movement. You move in one direction or the other. It is your choice. It is for all of us.

12 Healing takes place not when you imagine a body part you want to fix as your imagination serves you, because you don’t know and will never know what takes place in the human body and the healing mechanism—not even doctors.

13 See how you may have a finger cut, and they have learned how the healing process goes. But they can only tell you what they have seen happening, but they could never tell how the process unfolds. They have no clue.

14 They just recorded what they have seen and what takes place, but there is no way for them to know how it all works because the healing process does not belong to this world. It’s like searching for the Source. They keep searching and searching and will never find it because the source is abstract.

15 Healing takes place in your mind by allowing the body to do its work by your will. There is a big difference between will and desire. The will is not attached, but the desire is. Know the difference and apply it.

16 Allow the universal forces to do their work if it feels appropriate—if it feels just. And become the spectator and see how everything unfolds.

17 Yes, there is intervention. You may choose intervention from the outside world, but it will only delay the process of what needs to be unfolded.

18 And yes, you had an accident. It was a terrible accident. It wasn’t meant to be; that’s why you came back. And there have been many other accidents, and that’s why people have come back. That’s how people heal.

19 It’s all about erring. If you err, you pay. Fix the erring, and you fix the illness.

20 FV—So, what is it that I need to fix?

21 CFKW—It all started with thoughts that created an imbalance—the thoughts that need to be fixed.

22 FV—And what are those thoughts?

23 CFKW —All the thoughts you know that exist in your mind that you know don’t belong there. That’s all. That simple.

24 Every single thought you know that does not belong there are the ones needed to be fixed, so you become pure. And in purity, you will keep on moving forward in spiritual growth, which in the end is your ultimate goal: To stop from having to come back and experience what you no longer want to keep experiencing, and you seek peace.

25 And your penance, the self impose penance, is to show people the way, so they can stop making those mistakes that keep them holding on to this world. As they move forward, you move forward because you want to do greater jobs, greater things.

26 You want to find peace within so you can teach in other worlds the truth that lies beneath the skin, so you can be true: Absolute true to go back in communion with the source and find peace within thee, and great joy with everything that is in communion with [2]God, which is the source of Life.

27 So, be at peace, do your work, and make it last for you to enjoy the new path you are about to take by working hard in your commitment to what truth is. And when you die, you will be at peace with all you have accomplished, and your deeds were all fulfilled in the presence of God: that ultimate source the makes all exist. So let it be and enjoy your work so you can later, in due time, die in peace with yourself.

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[1] CFKW is the acronym given to those Ascended Masters who chose to be known as “The Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom”
[2] God is a common word to describe the source of life, not a deity.

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