The Life Process In You

1 Take life as a learning process throughout your life.

2 Take everything you do, everything you see, and everything that surrounds you as a learning experience and learn from it.

3 Don’t get obsessed in the learning process by setting in motion the endless questioning of things. But at the same time, you cannot live life as if nothing has happened.

4 For example, when you are learning a new sport or hobby, visualize yourself learning the process, how things are done, and how to improve.

5 While you practice, you will understand some things as you try to figure things out. You do some research through book reading, asking others, learning through history or from someone else’s experience so you can become better at your hobby or sport.

6 Then, you put into practice what you’ve learned so you can do better and better. And while you are constantly learning new things from that sport or hobby, you become better, faster, and more efficient at it.

7 That is exactly the same thing you have to do with your life. The time you spend learning a new hobby or sport, use it in life but tenfold by learning from all your ups and downs in life.

8 For instance, let’s say you are in a social gathering and drink a little too much alcohol. Through the experience, you learn that consuming alcohol is not suitable for the body. You also learn of the consequences of excessive alcohol drinking. And although you may have had fun in the process, the experience taught you the side effects or consequences of excessive alcohol consumption.

9 You may have done it purposely to learn the consequences of excessive drinking. You may or may not regret it, but the act helped you learn through the experience process, and it is YOU who decides if you want to let go once you know how it feels. You see?

10 Others may get attached in the process and may even become addicted to it for having liked the process to the extent that it could even become hard to detach from the experience they may now be succumbed into.

11 That is what is happening in our lives. We got addicted to life itself and kept on dwelling in life over and over again, one life after the other for not realizing that there is something much better than this life we are living one cycle after the other.

12 Once you learn that life on Earth has become a vicious cycle, you can move forward. But to do that, you must see life every day, with every experience you go through, and understand that it is either a learning process or a stage you set in so you can learn the end result of the unknown—and detach.

13 But of course, because we live in a complex world, there are many things beyond our control, realizing we are co-creator.

14 The term co-creator is self-explanatory: There is a creation before us, and we need to live within that creation as co-creators. Creation already exists. Creation is already unfolding. And because we are part of that creation, we cannot control everything. But we can control the way we see or react to things.

15 Just as it has been said before: We have limitations because we dwell in a physical body, and because we live in a three-dimensional world, we have to comply with those limitations and move forward along with them. That simple of a step.

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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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