1What is seeking to achieve higher consciousness if not by learning Higher Truth?

2We all are searching for the truth of our existence.

3And what is our existence if not the manifestation of the self in physical form?

4And what is the self if not the creator of its own life? From the first movement to the latest life experience, you are the sum total of all those experiences of yours up to this moment you are receiving this message.

5And what is the source of your existence if not the original creator itself?

6That is the true nature of God.

7It is just that we have forgotten our true identity, by creating of the self all the entities that have made it evolve in what today humanity has become.

8And from the physical world and all there is and exists, many other worlds have been created, just like yours, but have evolved in ways beyond this physical realm.

9All of creation—from the smallest particle of life to the vast universe of the world of creation, we have become limitless in physical evolution.

10And from the lowest to the highest—as above so below—creation exists—from the One infinite mind as you become the individuality of God.

11So, the question is: What part of God do you want to become?

12And the message is coming forward without theological ties, this time around


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This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín

Truth is one…interpretations manyTranscript

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