The Trial and Error of Learning


1 Did you know that our learning process has been a constant trial and error through history? Take, for instance, science. Science has been all about hypotheses looking for something to make sense. But once such a hypothesis is studied and someone else finds new flaws, a new theory is created for that flaw to make sense.

2 But once it makes sense and is studied by someone else, they may find new flaws not previously seen and create a new formula and theory that would make sense. And the story goes over and over again because conventional wisdom is used to work things out.

3 Another good example of how humanity learns through try and error: See how some teachings have been disproven by the findings of new knowledge—someone saying something else. When people start putting things together, and it all starts making sense, they validate it and make it their new truth. When you see that truth, someone else can further debunk it by questioning the process and finding a better logic for a new idea. Then everyone else follows that truth blindly. You see?

4 That would then become new truth! Because humanity does not have the strength to learn by themselves. You see? They allow someone else to do the learning for them. Then they get closer, like a herd. You see? That’s why Jesus used such a term with humanity as being the sheep of his herd. Because he understood that principle.

5 All Jesus did was take all teachings and put them together to give a message based on His truth. You see? His truth, His commandments, because he wanted to show humanity a new way of thinking —a new way of seeing things.

6 Thy will, not my will, comes from the fact that he knew that we all are just manifestations of a greater power. And yes, personification had to be made for people to understand that there is something greater, but calling it (God) as a ‘pure essence’ would have been so absurd in those days that it would not get in someone’s mind.

7 The fact that God is universal and intangible, was an unsustainable force in the limitations of the humans’ mind. Therefore, a personification had to be made. You see?

8 Jesus did not create new teachings. They were old teachings being put together. That’s why he learned for eighteen years the process of how it all worked. He was not taught by anyone other than those close to him, keeping him from ‘contamination,’ I would say.

9 He was given sound advice and taught to keep centered. He was taught by those who were also messengers who came down to do their deeds they had agreed to do; as in our individuality, we choose to do certain things because we need to grow.

10 In our path, we seek to help because that is the essence of living. One lives to have an experience while others live to help others get out of that experience and move on. That is how all works.

11 For instance, many others get the available information and put it together to help others learn at another level. They seek to abstain from personification so it can be better understood without the illusion (or delusion) of what could have taken place and be more factual, analytical, logical—to be able to make more sense based on the evolutionary path of this society—not by the illusion created by faith but the acquired knowledge of how things work, how they move, and how everything encircles.

12 There is already enough technology, and people are more receptive to accepting that much can be achieved by manipulating the essence of the matter. Therefore, matter already plays a significant role in creation; how it started, and how it happened. You see? In that coming and going of things is how comprehension takes place. Nevertheless, the hardest thing of all is walking away from the illusion (or delusion) that we have been subjected to for so long. You see?

13 What you do is create a platform for people to understand and detach step-by-step from what has been learned (known) for so long by building a structured way of teaching for those many evolving at different levels. That is why it has been said, ‘We are One,’ We are God,’ ‘We are Thought,’ and many others.

14 The message is the same. They all are the same but in different ways. There is no need to search for something new. In different ways, at many levels, everything will end up taking you to the same place. You see?

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