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SUMMARY: Poetry is an aspect that has been bought forward by one from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom since the early days. Its particular presence is known to me by a feeling I get that becomes as unique as a scent before its loving presence, and that I tenderly learned to call “The Poet.”
In this poem, you will find the origin of the term “There is no mystery in life, only lack of information as to what lies ahead,” and the first steps to the concept of “detaching” I barely knew when this poem was initially transcribed.
I invite you to read this poem, knowing I am not a poet, neither know poetry for its rules. I just serve as a messenger and transcribe what is given to me, regardless if it rimes or not to you or me.

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The Bird In The Cage

Imagine a bird born in captivity
Relying on its master to be fed
Which can only fly limited to its confinements

And knows when to sleep and knows when to rise by the covering and uncovering of its cage
Being taught to follow a routine at its master’s will
And depending on its master, the environment could be harsh or pleasant

Little the bird can do but to see one day after the other go by
And one day the door opens, and the bird is free
But the bird does not fly away for the uncertainty that brings the unknown
And its Free Will is hurt for living a lifetime of confinement believing that is all there is to life.

That bird is YOU, fearing for all you have been taught that this world is:

Look inside yourself, and tell me if it’s not true that you have been taught to believe that you live only once

Tell me if it’s not true that you live confined to a bubble where everything has been given to you for a monetary exchange you have to earn with your sweat and tears

Tell me if it’s not true that you are confined to a political system, a society, and a culture of rules and regulations you have to obey or else?

And finally, tell me if it’s not true that you don’t want to move for fear of the uncertainty that lays ahead, the never-ending unfinished business on Earth, and fear of losing what you are leaving behind?

I tell you now: There is no mystery in life, only lack of information as to what lies ahead
And we are here to help you overcome the uncertainties of life, with facts, so you can spread your wings, not for when the time comes but here and now.
Detach from what is holding you back, because it will not serve you well when you depart.


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This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín

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