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1 Words are the result of a communication process humanity has to go through in order to understand each other.

2 However, when you want to communicate with yourself, communication takes place in a mental state, not realizing that such communication is the result of a thought.

3 In essence, to communicate with yourself you need no words. What you think you talk to yourself and that creates a conversation within yourself, for you to understand and interpret, just as if you were internally reading a book.

4 However, humanity needs to realize that every communication starts with a thought. Meaning that words are unnecessary, and limit our ability to understand ourselves, our environment, and our own thoughts.

5 For example, the simple thought of love falls into the category of the word ‘love.’ But love has so many ramifications that by just saying the word internally, one limits oneself into the vague definition of ‘love.’

6 However, when you feel this emotion and understand it from the thought-form and not from the word that has been jot in your mind, then love will bring to you a new definition: A definition only you can give as it is felt in a unique way. You see? And in that uniqueness creation takes place.

7 Creation in its own diversity and uniqueness is as unique as each one of us. And an attempt to interpret such individual love can even be described in worldly terms as an insult to its divine uniqueness as creation itself.

8 Humanity needs to understand that their uniqueness is within us all and that the thought-form takes place constantly in every movement, in every action, in every reaction, and that the thought by itself is movement.

9 So, movement is though, though is movement, and that’s how it has always been taught by spirituality: Love is movement.

10 All we need to do is to love as it has been taught from the beginning.
The problem is that it has never been put in such a way that you can understand where love comes from and why love is the answer.

11 It has been written many times in songs, such as “love is the answer”, “all we need is love” and many, many others. We also have had prophets around the globe reminding us all constantly what life is all about.

12 We have been gathering all this information and put it together so you can understand at a deeper level, but with logic and with logical explanations to its essence so you can finally grasp the meaning of it all.

13 That is the essence of the Transcripts: To help you understand what is, what it takes and how to achieve enlightenment while living on this earthly plane.

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This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín

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Message: “Is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice what makes you advance”—Transcript.


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