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1 (FV asks) Is not fearing death denial?

2 (CFKW reply) The hardest thing to let go is life on Earth. The life that has given you the opportunity to express yourself through the physical senses.

3 It is not wanting to let go of the human body what keep us fearing death. The same human body that has been your home for as long as it allows. The same human body that has made you experience life through its physical senses. The one which has nurtured your mind with pleasures and memories you cherish to repeat once more.

4 For you to claim not fearing death, you would have to first detach from all that surrounds you. You would first have to detach from your loved ones and leave this earth plane without resentments of your own and from those who transgressed against you before you could freely let go of your physical body.

5 And if the letting go is for the wrong reasons, keep in mind that the evolved soul knows that such resentment will still be with you after leaving this world.

6 Once you reach total detachment, you must keep unattached for as long as you are embodied. This virtue is seldom seen and only a few can attain and nurture over the years to come. As for the rest of us, I ask you to reflect on how much of that virtue have you attained before claiming to have no fear of death.

7 And it does not matter that you may believe that after you die you will go to heaven or 100 virgins await for you or even pretend to believe that once you die you will cease to exist. In the end, the truth is that you will still be you with all your virtues and defect.

8 And at judgment day (life review), you will realize that it was you all along, the same one who once chose to separate from its source, and today has evolved to be reading these lines searching for the truth of your existence.

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This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín

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An abstract from the original transcriber, Francisco Valentin

When I had my death experience in 1979, I abruptly detached from my lifeless body and found myself in the void. No recollection of the past was ever in my mind. Neither was the experience of the car crash or memories of my latest incarnation. I felt total peace and the rest is history you already know if you follow my story.

In the year 2002, I faced death once again when I woke up one morning to find myself before what you may call “the light” and feared nothing as I was leaving behind my physical body and entering into the spirit realm.

Once again, no pain, remorse or concern about my loved ones was ever felt. But this time it wasn’t because of an abrupt detachment. I simply didn’t find resistance on my part as I knew the eminent was happening. Hadn’t it been for my wife pleading me not to leave, I would have transcended to the other side and declared dead by a wrong cause such as an alleged heart attack.

However, while during my transcendental experience on July 7, 2011, an event that took place after the spirit of light answered all my questions made me realize that the fear of death is in all of us. Let me explain:

At one given point after the dialog between the spirit of light and me ended I was taken through the same experience I had in 2002 but this time I was allowed to become fully conscious of what was happening.

I panicked when I realized that I was not ready to leave this world. I feared for my loved ones and how much suffering my early departure would create on them. I feared the imbalance that all the unfinished business would create and I was simply not ready to go. Although the uncertainty of what lied ahead wasn’t part of the equation due to my clear understanding of my true identity—I still didn’t want to let go of life on Earth.

That’s when I realized how many of us pride ourselves of not fearing death (including myself in the past) and it is not until after the time comes that you realize you are not ready to detach.

One thing is when the time comes and you are bathed in peace by the influences of those in the spirit world and another thing is knowing you are about to depart and the uncertainty of what will be left behind overwhelms your soul.

Not only did I experienced “death” in 1979, 2002 and once again in 2011, but in 2016 I was diagnosed with kidney cancer and the ultimate decision had to be made between consuming what was left of my physical life on Earth or have my kidney removed and keep on experiencing life while embodied as Francisco Valentin. I chose to have my kidney removed and that tells you how hard it is to let go.

This tough decision gave me enough time to ponder about what death means to many of us and how hard it actually is to voluntarily leave this life without the intervention of those in the spirit world easing the transition.

The truth is that no one knows how your final days will be lived, and if you will experience departing with or without divine intervention. That is why I plea for you to start working on detaching and make peace with yourself and others, for no one knows when the time comes and how one will experience the end of one’s time on Earth.

Remember the last spoken words from The First Transcript?

“We are one, and as you help me, you advance”39First Transcript

Please allow these words to be spoken to you as well. Help me spread those words among your loved ones, relatives and friends. Simply say:

“Look what I found on the internet—see if it makes sense to you.”

That’s all I ask, and as you help me, you advance.

“Is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice from these insights what makes you advance”—Transctipt.

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