Past, Present and Future-Explained


1 The present is now, and now is the present. The future has yet to come, so do not worry about what has yet to be defined. This is an evolutionary process everyone has to go through.

2 The past is gone, memories are only attachments, the present is what you live now, and your movement determines what will become the future soon to be manifested based on your actions and reactions from your thought.

3 Thoughts become the past, and the past gives form to the present as your present condition is the result of previous thoughts; like it or not, those were your thoughts. Even those things you dislike come from previous thoughts.

4 Thoughts from the distant past could unfold a chain of events that took time and evolved into form. See the many things you once desired that came through and the many others that did not.

5 Those that did not come through were because they were beyond your control and could not come to pass. And those of pure desire (intent) only came to pass IF they were in harmony (alignment) with the direction and your intentions from previous thoughts and what to do—either by design or from nature itself.

6 Your present is of your own making. It is your work to either make a change, make it complete, or make it grow and see the consequences and what is involved.

7 Whenever you create and confront a thought, you must see the chain of events and how it diffuses and branches out because you are not alone. You are part of the collective forces that make your life come through, as well as others.

8 Everything is interconnected, and your decisions affect other people’s decisions because of the interconnected process. You see?

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A5—The result from our thoughts could manifest by free will or decree. “By design” implies by decree, and “from nature” implies the natural laws of the physical world.
A6 Your present is your own making through your karmic path. Your work is what to do about it.

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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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