—We are One infinite mind endlessly expanding through the spiritual and physical realm

—Your true identity lies in being the sum total of all your experiences since the first movement took form.

—Your ultimate life purpose is to experience life and return home. 


—Do not lie, deceive, steal, take advantage or transgress against one another; for every transgression you do to others, you are bound to experience yourself as the rebalancing of the self must take place. Likewise, for any good you do to others, reciprocity will set upon you.

—Do not be drawn into lust, envy, pride, apathy, vanity, engulfment, war, rudeness, greed, and power over others, for these will make you transgress against others and will taint your soul. 

—Do not kill. This is the ultimate transgression against one another, including the willful act of killing animal life.

—Feed only from what the land produces.

—Care, consider, and protect all living things. 

—Clear your soul from further karmic errors that would lead to the rebalancing of your soul, therefore make amends, forgive, and do not judge. 

—One could err from one’s actions or inactions. Any inaction on your part to protect the weak from the transgressor, the immoral, and the unjust is considered transgression in itself.

—Transcend and seek to become one with everything that is and exists by following the Universal Rule of Conduct as you walk the way back home through Oneness. Therefore, lead by example following the teachings of The Transcript.

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—Francisco Valentin
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