Our Soul’s Journey

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1 The problem with humanity is that they think they can fix things in one lifetime. They need to know that much work has to be done with what happened in previous lifetimes.

2 One could be born to become a drug addict deluded in the idea that he is a casualty of society by not realizing that he is working with the various circumstances that surrounded him in a previous lifetime.

3 Not remembering is a mechanism to help the soul clean himself out of his own free and pure understanding.

4 For instance, if someone indulges in candies and ends up with a belly ache, if the person knows that the belly ache comes from overeating candy, he will stop eating sweets, and the belly ache will be gone. But if one does not remember that it was due to indulging in candy, one will find his way out of pain by clearing his mind of all the aspects of indulgence. You see?

5 If he knows the belly ache is due to candies, he will stop eating sweets, but if he doesn’t know, he will stop indulging and would stop eating candies. But because he knows, he might indulge in something else. You see? By the drug addict not knowing where the karma comes from, he would work all the angles, in due time, to clean his soul.

6 As you can see, the process is about cleaning his soul from attachments, from aversions— everything that stains the soul—before the soul can move on to better places, to better understanding, to better things.

7 You see, we call it pattern (cultural habits) because we need to relate to something that seems good. But because for some cultures something is good, while for others it is bad, we need to detach from either good or bad, up and down, better or worse.

8 But to move (detach) knowing there is only one direction: Moving forward. Because either path you choose, moving forward implies going back to origin.

9 This concept people do not understand, for that which they call ‘bad,’ the moving forward is to move away from the source. But as we are moving away from the source, we are advancing because we are getting closer to the point of wanting to return.

10 Therefore, it is always moving forward, even for those who think that the farther we go, we go strayed. But it’s not because the farther away we go, the closer we get to the turning point. That is advancement. That’s how we advance.

11 You see, the greater the pain, the closer we are to turning around—that is how all works…that-is-how-it-works.

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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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