Meditation And Your Soul’s Purpose

1 FV— Meditation. What is meditation? Why do we need to meditate?

2 CFKW— Stillness. To be quiet. To find that place within us.

3 Detach from humanity. Dog barking [1] is an example: being quiet is my desire. His job (the dog barking) is to help me understand that quietness is achieved by keeping centered regardless of external forces. The dog is manifesting while I need to manifest here. And as I express with words, I should not get disturbed by that sound. You See?

4 Quietness means not listening to the dog. Once you start listening, you get distracted. See how simple it is?

5 In order for you to be quiet, centered, you need to understand that you are bounded by external forces. You see? And those external forces are the ones that won’t let you stay centered. Stay centered in quietness.

6 FV—Everything is movement?

7 CFKW—Yes

8 FV—And it may seem conflicting?

9 CFKW—Yes, but quietness is an action. You see?

10 Quietness is an action. As an action, it is movement because moving is an action. Then here comes the paradox: How can you be quiet if there’s always movement while wanting to be quiet?

11 That is to show you that this is a constant movement of things, for only one purpose: To manifest part of that bigger, bigger, and much bigger source that we know only one aspect of it. You call it God because you gave it a term— a term to go by.

12 There is no [2]right way or wrong way, just an intent. For as long as it’s an intent it doesn’t matter if it’s moving forward or backward because it is an intent.

13 And that intent brings sadness, confusion, because you don’t know if you are going or coming, coming or going. But you are trying.

14 And for as long as you try, you’ll be ok. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter; you are moving—moving fast.

15 But do not get distracted by earthly things because those are those that bounds you to that questioning, and that questioning brings you movement. Your movement by itself should be One—that intent to go back into Oneness.

16 And it is sad to see all the bad things that happen, but there is also joy for the things that bring peace.

17 And it doesn’t matter where you are, what you do, or who you are. Even if it disturbs your calm, it doesn’t matter because you are trying, as well as everyone else doing their work.

18 They are looking for answers too, as we all are. It doesn’t matter who; each one has their own idea of how it would be for we all to be in harmony with heaven and Earth—and it’s an intent regardless of how it seems.

19 And there are spirits, attachments, and detachments—those are imaginary things that we (ourselves) have put together to make everything work, in order for us to keep holding on to what we are not supposed to be holding on to—but we are—which is the time and space we need to use all this energy-consuming aspect of life, which is movement.

20 Do not bring personification to anything because nothing has to do with the flesh. This is a numerical factor of numbers and rules, limitations, and geometry. And all that is being put together is an attempt to be what we always wanted to be, which is consciousness: That consciousness which is the path to achieve the movement, deluded in the idea that there is something else, and there is not— because none of this exists, but a thought.

21 And for as long as there is a thought, there will be movement—from the origin of Earth and space. And space is another math. It’s another math of external things because, in the end, it’s a world, as we know, that exists.

22 But underneath, there is a much, but much subtle mass, aspect, realm, and in sync with the dense world that is in front of us.

23 We need to stay clear from this dense world because then we get confused and absorbed by our desires, attempts, wanting, and everything that comes with it.

24 This is now being brought to you in English to show you that it doesn’t matter what language is used; whether you get confused by the tongue or the mechanics it uses, the message is the same for all of us.

25 It doesn’t matter what frequency you choose you call language, regardless of that frequency, you manifest. You see?

26 So, the message is only One; it comes from One. It doesn’t matter what language is used; it is movement, and that’s what matters—there is no winning or losing because we are moving.

27 And for as long as we are moving, we are doing ok by doing our part in this whole systematical world that moves around the wholeness of everything that compounds it, either dense or subtle, macro or micro, it doesn’t matter, for as long as it is moving, and we should not identify with it ourselves.

28 Don’t do harm to others, let them manifest, and for as long as you all are in conflict with each other, there will be no balance. We all need to understand there must be a balance. You see?

29 Stop confusing yourselves so you can understand there is only one way to go, moving forward. Don’t be concerned if it is moving forward or backward. It is that for YOU, it is moving forward—the INTENT is all that matters.

30 And to those others who will try to detract you from this, deal with them. Don’t let them see or show them your work unless they ask. Only then they WILL understand. But if they don’t ask, don’t tell.

31 And don’t give more than what is needed, for you know the whole truth, and you must keep it to yourself, for when is due time.

32 The Transcripts are meant for those seeking truth, can read between the lines, and find the truth about those [3]rules.

33 This truth was tainted, and much of which was omitted, so they could have control and rule. And now you will see how hard it is to understand and so painful to explain, but it still is an attempt on your part.

34 And for as long as we keep moving ….if you don’t want to move as a mass or a group, you can’t be true to yourself.

35 So, what’s your work once again? Do not get distracted by the outside world and focus on your work.

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[1] my dog was barking at the time of this session

[2] Forward or backward, good or bad, and the likes are no other than interpretations by the self. What for one is moving forward, to another implies going backward, and so on. The intent is to achieve your higher purpose. This aspect is further explained under Articles 15 and 29

[3] This Transcript, dating back to 2012 prophesied about those rules that came to pass on January 2020. I published them under a private page for those who subscribed to read them at the time. I will soon have them published for the general public.

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