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SUMMARY: The use of the word ‘happy’ follows an intent of contentment, comfort or peace not associated with humor as this word commonly implies. It’s been given in an oversimplified form but very profound as it let you know the simplicity within the complexity of how easily we become derailed by negative thoughts. I invite you to explore the depth embedded in this Transcript.

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TRANSCRIPT T-120114082156:

1 Be happy.

2 All your thoughts are going to be positive thought because now you understand the thinking process.

3 If you deem your thoughts are good and your conversations are about goodness, then there is no reason to talk about bad things.

4 Everything shall be goodness. No more questioning and all you are going to think of are good things.

5 You will no longer allow negative thoughts as you now know that negative thinking creates negative results. You see?

6 And if something negative happens, it’s just a reminder to stop allowing negative thoughts, and start (resume) talking only about positive things—at all times, at all times.

7 Remember, any negative thought is only the result of your previous thought that made it negative. And the negative thought will lead you to a negative thought if you let it.

8 Do not allow negative thoughts to enter your mind. This way you are going to be happy, and avoid becoming part of the negative world. The negative world is not for you to keep because that’s when you are conscious of other people’s thoughts.

9 You can sense it, you can feel it and once you are exposed to it you become conscious about it. If you’re conscious about it and you block it, you are blocking a thought. And once you block the thought, the negative thought no longer exists because it doesn’t have anything to hold on (attach) to.

10 A thought is a thought. So, have positive thoughts, and you will be happy—truly happy, with your happy thoughts.

11 So, let go, let go. Let go of negative thoughts. Let go and move on, move forward with positive thinking. That’s all it takes: Positive thoughts, positive thinking, positive results.

12 Negativity is only a reminder that there is something negative in your outside world. And it will not affect you when you become the observer, that simple.

13 And suffering is no other than being dragged by that thought, but by you becoming the observer, you don’t get affected. Is only when you start questioning and making it part of your thoughts when you begin to understand how it works.

14 And you start suffering and all that fills your mind are negative thoughts. You see? You go back again to negative thoughts!

15 So, if good or bad exists, it’s only a thought—a fear created by you. Only you are the creator of that thought, and that thought either makes you suffer or makes you happy.

16 So, let go of the negative thought and move forward with positive thoughts. That’s all it is—just a thinking process.

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