Do Not Hold On To The Past

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1 Detach from all things because everything you hold on to creates a new thought, one after the other.

2 Live moving forward with positive thinking. Don’t hold on to anything. Do not store anything that is no longer needed. Do not hold on to dreams. Do not hold on to what it was and no longer is. Don’t hold on to anything.

3 That is, no thoughts, no worries, except those responsibilities you must meet, for that is your bidding—things you must do to work and unfold the attachments you no longer recognize as such.

4 Start enjoying life as it is. Don’t even take pictures if that would make you miss the moment, for you will be missing the splendor of things. Save them to remember—save only for you to grow and not attach.

5 For instance, this message is being recorded to be later analyzed, remembered, and to be able to go back over and over again until you get it. That is what memory is good for: To better help you understand things and help you relive the moment, so you don’t have to go through the thought process again. It helps you deal with the thought process, so you let go: Work with it, accept it, and let it go.

6 But that memory bank can also be used to preserve what is not needed to be preserved. It can also be used to the holding on process of things that attaches to your thought. See the paradox?

7 FV—Is it good or bad?

8 CFKW—It is not bad. People call good or bad for labeling things. People call ‘bad’ what takes them further away from their desired goal. It is an expression to identify a process. You see?

9 Holding on to the memory of those who have passed away, and reliving old memories of the good old days, thinking that the past was better than the present, is taking us nowhere.

10 In fact, regretting what you have done or desiring the past for thinking that it was better than the present is letting your thought go strayed into negative thoughts.

11 Remembering the good old days when you did such and such—those were days you created in your mind, with your thoughts—and you grew attached to them. Those days are gone; they no longer exist.

12 And when the thought takes you to the past, it stops becoming the present. Holding on to the past and bringing it back to the present is not growing; it’s not learning; it is taking you nowhere. You see?

13 The process is very simple: Use your memory only for good, which means to help you understand the process. Do not use it as a memory bank for those days that were and no longer are. Because those will take you nowhere. You see?

14 For instance, if you watch TV (media entertainment), look for the details you need to extract in the learning process of your journey. Don’t get engulfed (caught up) in the movie’s meaning, the reality you could live, or you don’t want to live…don’t—don’t identify with it.

15 Just look at the core meaning of life in every TV program you watch, acknowledge how far away or advanced we are, and put your mind into positive thinking from all those negative thoughts. Translate them, use them, absorb that negativity and convert them from negative to positive thought. That will strengthen your positive thought reinforcement.

16 But be careful. Do not spend your days thinking because the thought process is the one that has kept us where we are (stagnant). Use it positively to grow.

17 And give your mind rest to remind you that the thought process must be controlled. Control your thought process. Take a daily dose of not thinking, just not thinking (meditation), and learn the process.

18 Learn it now because, in the end, you must learn it. There is no way out. There is no escape route. Everything unfolds, everything keeps moving, nothing stops.

19 By your stop (evolving), all you are doing is making it harder on yourself because you get used to it. One negative thought will lead you to another. One positive thought will lead you to another. That’s all there is. Show me which way you want to go—through the negative or the positive thought?

20 And the negative is not bad…well, it is bad, because it doesn’t lead you to where you want to go, but it is not bad, because it is just a thought—It is still a thought. And in essence, a thought is a thought. That’s it. Don’t complicate things.

21 Just go back in union with the One force —*The Original Thought that has always been. There will be a time when the thought will calm and become subtle, but it will always be moving. It will always be moving because the essence is One. And that essence is everlasting: A thought after thought, infinitely.

22 FV—But People might think: Yes, but what is this—no ending? This will take me nowhere!

23 CFKW—No, to the contrary. When you realize that everything is a thought, and you are part of that thought, and all it takes is being part of that thought, then you are free—because you are thought. And freedom comes from acknowledging that you are a thought and need to go nowhere because a thought doesn’t go anywhere—it’s just a thought. And thought is life on itself.

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*(From Article 21) For as long as there is a thought, there is no beginning or end, for the thought revolves in itself. But once the thought is gone, then you can retrofit your mind into Oneness—the One infinite mind in you that would not stop thinking: The one that once ends, it can retrofit itself to the endless experience of being everything and nothing. But there is an origin, and that origin took place the moment you moved—the first movement. Therefore, you are the sum total of all your experiences since the first movement took form.

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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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