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1 People: You can enjoy life at its best!

2 When someone finds that something else other than this density form, one starts wondering.

3 And when you reach an understanding, by means of spirituality, meditation or any other means that could uplift your vibration to help you see other realms, upon your awakening, a new level of understanding takes place where you absorb and learn all you can and start working with the subtle—the essence.

4 Once you find the essence and find that the essence, in its true essence, is not even an essence, then you will realize that all this is no other than a never-ending cycle.

5 That’s when you shift to a Higher Truth of blissful joy without attachments to your body, lifestyle, condition, or level of reality—not getting attached—just enjoying what you have, and what you don’t have, you simply don’t have!

6 And don’t do any harm to others, because that would take you to the negative, which is the other essence of life.

7 But not all negative is bad. It can become a learning tool to walk away from this catatonic state we are and seem not to care to free ourselves from it.

8 And the ill intent can be used for cleansing as it becomes the cleansing agent for new souls to enter. That’s why you see those of ill intent killing each other among themselves.

9 There is always a victim. And the victim is none other than a reflection of one’s will to understand how life is lost, and one seeks for this opportunity to manifest.

10 And one leads to the other—as there is a food chain, there is a chain of souls seeking for those opportunities, managing their own existences in a coalition and at times colliding. But evil is not a bad thing if properly channeled.

11 Take, for instance, Planet Earth. Earth is good, and it cleans itself through earthquakes, storms, droughts, and fires— it cleans itself. It is us the ones who insist on endlessly expanding ourselves throughout Earth, and humanity keeps on dwelling in their own world, creating a whirl of their own creation.

12 Once you understand that the essence is not even an essence, but the self, and that the meaning to life everyone seeks will never be found while in this plane, unless you reach out to this Higher realm, you must first position yourself in this stage where you say, “ENOUGH,” and do the due diligence to lessen your resistance. And as resistance persists, you learn to let go and dismiss.

13 FV asks: And what about those mass casualties we all see across the globe?

14 CFKW: Those are souls who meet for a mass exchange to take place.

15 Accidents are also opportunities, or mechanisms to speed up any given process. Every accident has its purpose; otherwise, it would be non-existent.

16 It was previously known centuries ago as plagues, the cleansing agents, formerly known as the evil in illnesses. Still, all it did was to cleanse the soul. Today, there are mass cleansing through land, air, and marine accidents.

17 And if you wonder about the child who barely started life and now dies, that child may have been more than ready to go. It’s all a cleansing process: Evil is cleansing; an illness is cleansing, an accident is cleansing.

18 So for as much as you are subtle, for as long as you recognize that what today you have tomorrow you may not have, for as long as you seek to detach and seek to no longer hold on to what once was given to you, for as long as you hold that posture, which is having the time, the health, and for as long as you understand that the life cycle is like a clock, which time can be extended, and if so, you will have to keep dealing with what life throws at you, the day will come when you will be ripe and your time is up.

19 FV asks: And how do you define “ripe?”

20 CFKW: It is in you. Because your soul could have been utterly clean, and you may have taken a chance to [1]experience evil, as evil can be, for the last time. But for as long as when the time comes, your soul knows the way back; it will take it, and you will move on.

21 But if when the time comes, your soul gets attached to evil practices, it will be left behind. And in that [2]spiritual world, the soul will be left to learn, and left to dwell in the physical plane without the physical senses, without being able to manifest or intervene, giving to it only limited access to what is real and what is not until your soul better understands where it stands, awaiting for your next of kin, sibling or essence of the self, to uplift you once it is understood what you as soul already learned, have found the way, and seek to no longer look back, but to help others.

22 That is why family members gather among themselves waiting for the next, and the next, and the next of kin to welcome them on the other side.

23 But if you, as spirit, grow too attached to another spirit, and you are ready, but don’t want that other soul to be left behind, you will also be left behind waiting until the time when another soul from your family circle finds you and uplift you.

24 And when you do, you will be in [3]another realm, advancing, understanding Higher Truth until you reach the subtle state of consciousness to where the merging takes place—back to where you came from, and that’s what we all need to do. That’s all it takes for eternal life—becoming one with the source in total peace and harmony.

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This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín

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End Notes:
[1] This does not imply that you may go and experience evil for self-gratification, engulfing through the senses, or use it to harm others. But to have the experience and further grow from it without attachments. A good example can be found in one of Edgar Cayce’s readings when a chronic alcoholic received a reading to learn that in a past life he was a priest who had worked with the alcoholic and wanted to learn firsthand what it felt to be an alcoholic.

[2] This is known in Christianity as The Purgatory; Gehenna in Judaism; Barzakh in Islam; Bardo in Tibetan Buddhism; Hamistagan in Zoroastrianism; Summerland for Wiccans; Underworld in Voodoo; Yomi in Shinto; Narake for Hindus; Maskat in Ancient Egypt, and from The Transcript, it is known to be not as a place to dwell but a state of being, as described under article (22) with no terms other than Higher Truth.

[3] Another realm means moving from its present state. This does not imply to be one life on Earth, for the soul advances through further reincarnating or further advancing in other realms.


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