Where Do We Come From?


1 Let me explain: There is a physical body. This body is mechanical and created by molecules. Those molecules are created by atoms, while the atom is created by the spirit. Therefore there is the physical and the spiritual, yet, both are one— not two. How could there be two when all are one?

2 It’s like believing there were two since the beginning, yet those two came from one. This would lead you to a paradox since both the material and the physical come from one— the origin of One.

3 FV— And where did that one come from?

4 CFKW—It could have come from two. And those two could have come from one. And if you take them to their origin, two could have created one, and that one could have been the creation of two. Therefore, the creation of two and one is still one.

5 In its origin, it has been said that God wanted to see himself. You see? And it turns paradoxical when it is not understood at a human level because, within its duality, humanity will keep searching for the origin of all existence.

6 That has always been the endless search of humanity—the origin of everything—and it would not be found for it being out of reach by the limitations of what it is and what it is not, being and no longer being.

7 This must be clearly understood: The human body is material but of spiritual origin.

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Article 4 responds to a question that may need to be explained more clearly by this annotation.
The history of our creation has been depicted in so many ways and at so many levels that we can no longer grasp this simple yet complex understanding of our true origin.
Some of you may have heard the history of creation from one God, while another depicts many gods involved in this process. Other history points at a cross-breed between Hominids and advanced beings from other worlds, and many other stories from cultures around the globe. However, those from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom take us far beyond our most recent history to the first movement. That is where it all began and is what is attempted to explain.

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