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15 And you may ask this, “How was God ever be found if no one has ever seen God to proclaim his existence? The answer is simple:

16 For men had not been taught the Universal Principles of the Origin and Purpose of Life by relying on conventional wisdom:

—Therefore, for something to happen, it was believed it must first have been done by someone.

—Therefore, someone must have been responsible for it. If it was something, then someone must have influenced or acted upon it for that to take place.

—Therefore, for something to happen, there must be an intelligence source behind it all (and people wondered):

17 “If I cannot see it, then such higher power is out of my reach.Therefore, I have no choice but to heed, for such power is greater than me, and I have no answer for it. Therefore, I have no control or power over it, and I must somehow lay low.”

18 So, men called it Higher Powers and a name was given for each power above and beyond his control. And as such, it moved from generation to generation to what is now the given name of God (among many other names).

19 Isn’t it true that for most of you God is the Creator and responsible for everything that happens in your life? How distant are you from the truth!

20 God is the creator and so are you, for everything you do follows the Law of Cause and Effect.

21 God is Higher Truth, but not the truth you know from creation as it takes place. God is Life, but not the life you know that perishes through time. God is everything that is and exists: A concept only a handful of people truly understand.

22 It is now time for you to move on to the next level and understand that God is not what has been proclaimed it to be. God is much more than one who controls your life, for that will limit God to what God truly is.

23 We are the ones who have been taught to see God as a father, a caretaker, a master, a ruler, one who cares for you and carries you or walks you through life.

24 God is a Higher Power, and those instances of manifestation are carried on not by God but by what you call Angels, Caretakers, Helpers, Spirits, Guides among others. That will take a whole new session to explain, but for now, rest in peace knowing that all this is a wake-up call to see Higher Truth not pretending to answer all your questions but to give you a glimpse to what lies ahead.

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This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín

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