Sex and Desires

1 Sex is the most powerful anchor available for humanity to attach to Earth. We are very earthly beings, and sex is a bodily instinct.

2 Sex is so powerful because it combines the emotion of great fulfillment and satisfaction. It is one of the most fulfilling and satisfactory expressions of creation. And it is bound to the physical satisfaction of the senses, which creates an explosive bliss of pleasure that makes us addicts, and it is extremely hard to give up.

3 Then there are others who do not feel that urge because they have learned to replace it with the fulfilling emotion of possession, greed, and power, which is a state very similar to sex addiction, which is money addiction.

4 Then, there are others who have replaced the previous two for the pleasure that gives becoming One: By believing to understand how it all works, and by letting themselves go by the emotion, the joy that gives that inner peace and control over what once became uncontrollable.

5 If you notice, all three of them are desires, and desires bound us to Earth, even the spiritual one, because you get attached to a physical and emotional desire to keep on dwelling while experiencing such. It is only through detachment that one can achieve true enlightenment.

6 It’s like holding on to a tree branch while you float through a river by not only fear but also a sense of complacency while holding on to the tree branch and not moving forward just because you want to keep watching nature in that river.

7 The longer you stay in the river, the more harm you do to your body because, if you haven’t noticed through this analogy, humans and water do not mix. See how you cannot be on the water for long before your skin begins to react adversely.

8 By letting go, you move, observe, learn, and do not feel attachment. Just picture yourself going through the river, being taken by the smooth- slow-moving current, and become the observer.

9 See how by becoming the observer, you can see, enjoy and move on, not wanting anything. You can see a flower, your eyes take a glimpse at a fruit hanging from a tree, and your desire to smell the flower or reach for the fruit will stall you in your path.

10 FV[1]—What about experiencing?

11 CFKW[2]—Of course, you would want to experience everything! That is what’s holding us all—because of our desire to experience everything. You see?

12 Now, see how that river takes you to the ocean, and the ocean is immense. And then you realize that there are much, much, much broader things to learn and know about. For when you are in the ocean, it also becomes the flow of knowledge.

13 But remember what I told you: Body and water don’t mix. So, in order to be in the ocean and survive in the ocean, you need to detach from body form and come to terms with the nature of things. Incomprehensible to many but very basic to the whole. You see?

14 All we need to do is move because it will take us there: Not much effort is required on your part but to stay centered in the river to avoid the rocks at the edge. And if you float and stay centered, you will be less likely to be hurt by what is beneath the river.

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[1] To those new to The Transcript, ‘FV’ are my initials to make you aware that I’m asking questions to those Ascended Masters who chose to be known as “The Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom.”
[2] To those new to The Transcript, ‘CFKW’ is the acronym given to those Ascended Masters who chose to be known as “The Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom”

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