And I Asked The CFKW: What Is Life? Part II

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Today’s Transcript is part II of one of those one-hour long recordings that needed to be broken down in segments to avoid overwhelming your mind.
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Part II:

14 We are God, finding himself. And by this error, is redeeming himself.

15 We are its essence; the individuality of God. Just as the hair is from your head, or the fruits from a tree, and everything that surrounds us, the search is for our divinity—from God wanting to see himself, to find that the original error (sin), the first intent of seeing himself, is what bounds us all.

16 Because we are the infinity of its mitosis in all aspects of life, through the original thought of wanting to see oneself, is what triggered all this, and that error is what we are seeking to correct.

17 But we have been so absorbed in this world that our reincarnations had made us attach to matter itself, and we must seek to break that cycle.

18 FV—And how are we accomplishing this?

19 CFKW—Returning, one by one. Some are captive, arguing that matter is real, while others are trying to understand how heavy all this is.

20 Seeking to understand how heavy all this is, is what bounds us to this world by merely trying to understand, when in reality, what we should learn is that this material world is not real. Yes, it is real to a certain degree of density, but in its essence, it is not real.

21 Just like the example (an example previously given to me), we can keep breaking down matter until we find the void. And in this void is where the answer lies; we-are-nothing.

22 When we understand that we are nothing, by taking us to the minimum essence of matter, nothingness brings us to the void: Because seeking the void is the true reason for our existence.

23 And although there is infinite visibility in the expansion of the universe corresponding to the law of matter, if we go to the origin of spirituality, in the void, we find everything.

24 In that incomprehensible void, that which we cannot see beyond, is the true essence of our existence.

25 From our origin, we were in the void because God is the void. And in that void, the total understanding that we are nothing is found: Therefore, we stop suffering, we stop existing, and we become part of the whole.

26 And we see the void as isolation, but no — the void is everything. Because everything originated from the void. Therefore, nothingness is the pure essence of life itself, ceasing to exist, and seeking to be in the void as One.

27 Now, none of this means for somone to end their life to be in the void. For the very desire to do so, with a particular purpose, capricious impulse, or to benefit oneself, without having found true peace, which is what leads you to nothingness, you fall in erring (sin).

28 The problem with sin is that it has been wrongly applied to intimidate the masses. But sin is that desire, that hunger to accelerate a process, a desire, a wanting, explore, dominate, control for oneself and the world around them.

To be continued— Transcript T120517071122

This is Higher Truth from the Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom as it’s been received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín

Truth is one…interpretations manyTranscript

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Because I Have More To Say:

I have been asked: How come God could be imperfect?

The answer is quite simple. Those who have been taught Christianity, Judaism, or Islam, have been told that God is perfect. And I ask: How could someone who is perfect would create something imperfect? And for what reason, if not because the perfect is imperfect? Here is where I get accused of blasphemy.

Not so. If we are One and come from One, then we are the one expressing itself in individuality form.

—It is written in old biblical texts that God felt lonely and wanted to see himself.

—It is also written in biblical texts that God sad, ‘Let us make man in our image” implying that God was one among other Gods. And if men were made in their image, how come men became imperfect when men came from a perfect being?

—Later, through the New Testament, Jesus claimed that it had been told through the Old Testament law that we are gods.

—Furthermore, Jesus claimed that we could do what he can and much more—implying that we have even more power than he does, or for better words—of godly nature.

—It is also written that if we have the faith of a grain of mustard… we could move mountains—implying our nature of godly divinity, and much more through biblical texts dismissed by the clergy.

This and many other stories, anecdotes, and metaphors are consonant with mixed messages leading you to confusion and doubt as to the true nature of God.

When I transcribe the original intent from the CFKW, I get not only the words but their intent as I see the abstract transmuted in their intent and words. In other words, I live it to the point of knowing just as you would know something to be true because you saw it, touched it, smelled it, tasted it, and can attest to its validity.

Now, does this Transcript distance you from God? To the contrary—This helps you better identify with the divine in you because that makes you recognize its true nature.

It also helps you become more confident knowing that the power to become one within is within you as you know it dwells in you as part of you for being you.

Therefore, it better explains the statement from The Transcripts when you are told that you are the individuality of God,

This Higher Truth from The Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom is being received, perceived and transcribed by Francisco Valentín.

Copyright © Francisco Valentín All Rights Reserved. This material may only be shared from this original website. This material may not be published, broadcasted, rewritten or redistributed in any other way without written approval by Francisco Valentin or his legal successor(s). Infringement of this copyright act will be enforced to the full extent of the law.

Truth is One; interpretations many.
— Transcript —

“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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