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SUMMARY: This transcript brings awareness to the physical and spiritual inevitable transformation in one’s life and how to achieve your specific goal. I invite you to read this Transcript.

ACTION ITEM: As you adjust to your physical changes, make adjustments to support your spiritual well being.




1 Life is a transformation. You transform your state of mind as your physical body changes.

2 When you are young, you have all the energy in the world. When you are an adult, you use wisely the energy you have. And when you get old, you become even wiser, because you get to acknowledge the fact that the human body decays, which is something you didn’t see when you were young.

3 And you didn’t see it because you didn’t go through the experience, and therefore, even if everyone had told you how it is, you still wouldn’t have got it, unless you go through the experience yourself—or by faith, from listening to someone who by faith you understand is telling the truth! Otherwise, you wouldn’t have adopted a belief system had you not taken it as good.

4 That’s what we have been doing in this physical world, making it turn faster and faster every day when we change from wanting something to wanting something else.

5 And we forget that there is always a rebalancing taking place by ignoring that our true nature is spiritual and not physical.

6 Therefore, you should spiritually advance. And most people don’t, because it has not been told that our true nature is spiritual and not physical.

7 Those who believe that the physical world is real and that there’s no such thing as the spiritual world, all they want to do is advance in the physical world, not knowing that you also must spiritually advance.

8 Because for instance, when you grow old, you know that if you have High Blood Pressure (HBP) you must cut the cords with what is leading you to such illness.

9 And adjust, and make changes in your life, because your body changes, and so does your mind. And as you know those changes must be made— take into consideration the fact that spiritual changes must also take place for spiritual growth.

10 Otherwise, if you adjust to all the changes you have to go through in your physical body and make no changes towards your spiritual growth, you are taking for granted the freedom that gives the spiritual aspect of creation which is not tied to the physical world but is a world that if you want to become more spiritual—if you want to move toward the spiritual ways—you must undergo some changes yourself.

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