Was Everything Planned Ahead?

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1 You ask how come so much harm some people want to inflict on others and what benefit they get out of it.

2 See, for instance, the internet. The internet is a tool to provide free information for everyone to understand how the world works and be exposed to their reality in different ways people may term either as good or bad. But some people want to distract others just for the fun of it, for the thrill of seeing things being disturbed, and to see how they unfold once disturbed (mischievousness).

3 It’s just as when you were a child and saw the water being calm and threw a pebble just to see the ripple effect, just to see how the water manifested, and you were not concerned about how much disturbance you created when that pebble touched bottom and may have killed a life-form in the process. You see?

4 One thing led to the other. The mere intention of throwing that pebble did not mean to harm anything, but in the process, it did. That most likely could be termed as an accident—one thing leading to another.

5 Without the original intent to harm, it did create harm. You can see it at a higher level when you see the ignorance of a child disturbing an animal in his path, just to see what happens when touched with a stick or cut, disturbed or crushed. It is just a human behavior to see how things work, and in the process, harm is done. Sometimes intended and sometimes not intended, but it happens.

6 And that is the pity of life when you are involved in the experience through the senses and this term called ’emotion,’ working with creation and the notion when things go not necessarily one’s way because of so much conflict, so many crossroads, and so many expressions going at once.

7 It’s like being in a storm created by the forces of nature in a combined comprehension of what flows through cyclical manifestations of the whole where in its path it does harm, not intended, but being part of a cyclical process.

8 So, do not be fooled by those who claim that everything is planned because up to a point, there is no such thing as a plan. It is just an intention—an intention to move in one direction, knowing that you will be faced with many tribulations, many crossroads, and many decision-making that you must face in order for things to unfold.

9 As to the question of whether there is any help from us (spirits), see it as it has already been told— as above, so below. As you see people helping you on Earth, spiritual beings are helping you from other planes.

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