The Path To Oneself

1 Whoever has no direction is a rebel for not having a true north, not having a sense of direction, and thus, gets confused. That is why the rebellious ask oneself: Why does it have to be this way and not another way?

2 What he does not understand is that there have to be laws to control humanity because humanity is too rebellious for not understanding what they should. You see?

3 That is why there is so much conflict and war. Some people are deluded in the essence that this is all there is, that you have to take advantage or benefit from, and not be part of all that is. You see? While others seek to be compassionate and seek to help others find their way just as you are doing now.

4 FV— Why venture into someone else’s world?

5 CFKW—Each with their own world has their own work and goals. There are many like you, some superior to you, and others inferior to you. Some choose to be born in poverty to understand poverty, while others choose to live in wealth to understand opulence. And it’s not that for one is good while for another it is bad. It’s just that it is.

6 The problem is that when one is diluted in the essence that poverty is poverty, one returns (reincarnate) and falls back into poverty for wanting to continue searching for the essence and experiences of creation: They return, learn and remain stranded because they identified too much with their previous life. And by identifying themselves, they identify themselves as poor, with scarcity, and feel comfortable in that environment.

7 And there is the one who wants to leave (poverty) out of envy, where envy is the desire to gain what one does not have but wants to have because of his anticipation of what life has to offer. And while anticipating his advancement, he goes out of balance, gets confused, and turns greedy.

8 But others experience wealth, and through spirituality, they recognize such, understand it, and advance to other realms of spiritual levels, while others remain diluted in the pleasure and joy that such a way of life gives and do not want to grow. They want to stay there —because they get confused and stop acknowledging they existed.

9 And there are those who want to be part of the crowd and are learning step by step, slowly, because they want to search, but they are not in a hurry, which is why many of them do not progress. But they remain calm because they are not in a hurry. You see?

10 He who is poor (and believes in lack) remains burdened. He who is wealthy (and believes in greed) remains deluded. And at the midpoint, which is the center, is where one understands the essence of his life— life itself—regardless of the work you are doing or manifesting, the essence of creation and its elements, the center is the one that must prevail. Keeping yourself at your center reminds you of your work and keeps you moving forward.

11 Seek God, whoever your God may be, seek for him. Because the strength, identity, and identification of oneself abound in the belief of a superior being. And while that gives you life, use it as your energy center; all this may surprise you, but what is happening to you is the manifestation of what you have always wanted to understand in order to carry the message, the absolute truth — make no mistake.

12 But you also know that humanity will not understand; therefore, you must stick to limiting your knowledge and raise it little by little while giving it movement. Only those who understand you will read between the lines what you mean.

13 You already had acquired the knowledge. But remember that within the whole, everything exists. And let society do their thing. Many are confused, and there are many. You reap nothing by stopping or waiting because they want to keep their course. Let them walk their course while you follow your path because you know it is oneself who walks the path. You see?

14 And with this knowledge, the most logical of all throughout the world is the one that has been wanted to be carried out for so long and has not yet been accomplished due to the limitation of oneself for not being able to understand and keeps clinging to the world in which they live, identifying themselves with themselves, and creating a world of their own creation.

15 For many, having this knowledge means nothing to them. On the contrary, it discourages them, and I understand why they do not want to change. You must understand that time makes everything to be understood.

16 And it is oneself who has to understand oneself and let go of individuality in order to open oneself to knowledge through spirituality, which leads you to ease your mind so you can move in the creation of the universe itself —which is not this universe—neither outward nor inward. You see? It’s by keeping yourself at the center.

17 If you look outward, you will find nothing. And if you look inward, you will find nothing. Find yourself at the center; right at the middle, at your center.

18 And when you reach that center and find yourself in that center, then you understand what God is. God is the abstract. He is not a being but an abstract called LIFE, and life is I.

19 FV—And who am I?

20 CFKW—Thought. That thought life gives out to itself from everything that ever existed from that truth of life itself. Life itself is energy itself. You see?

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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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