What Is The Mind?


1 FV—What is the mind?

2 CFKW—The mind is an instrument used to decipher the abstract into reasoning for the human to understand based on his limited ability to comprehend the abstract. It uses the source of the senses to express what is related to him and his environment.

3 The mind is just an instrument that also retains information. That information is used to recall experiences leading him to understand if one needs to, desires to, or fears repeating such experiences again.

4 It is filled with information called knowledge, which is none other than memories gathered together for himself and others in the complexity of reality to enable him to cope and coexist with the experience of others, thus, acting and reacting in accordance to what has been taught, to control, or advise.

5 It is with such intent for the human to seek progress, movement, action and reaction; all together with the expression of a thought. Nevertheless, human life is built based on thoughts, and thoughts govern everything that is and exist for the human to express himself in this plane of reality.

6 Beyond this plane of reality lies something that cannot be described in thought form. It is something beyond comprehension that does exist in realms unattainable to us, but there is existence.

7 Through the thought, one progresses or regresses one’s thinking, trying for everything to make sense and trying to understand what is and what is not.

[FV tries vainly to perceive the realm under Article 6]

8 CFKW—Due to the complexity of this (other) realm, it had to be taken off your shoulders to free you to understand that each of us has a purpose, reason, time, and experience to carry on. Some people know it, others don’t, but blessed is the one who finds it and achieves it. For him, life will have a purpose, and life will serve him well if he does his bidding in a timely fashion to help others to understand what it takes to be human.

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“It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice that makes you advance”Transcript

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