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SUMMARY: Dreams and their interpretation is a subject that has been widely spread throughout the Transcripts. Each Transcript expands on this subject at different levels. But today it brings a synthesis of feelings and emotions as our primary job here on Earth. Let’s explore this in more depth throughout this Transcript.

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1 The conscious mind works with images. Images that the human brain can relate to actual events. Events that the conscious mind can recognize and work with.

2 So, the experience in dreams must be guided not by the images they represent but the feelings they create, because the subconscious mind works with feelings and emotions.

3 That’s why we all came here for: To experience feelings and emotions. Those are the main (non-physical) senses we came here to work with, to understand and to master so we can understand how they work; to experience them and to let go because the spirit is in thought-form.

4 So if we take to understand: A thought-form can only be expressed through images based on memories of the world one lives in. You see?

5 That is why, when someone read old scriptures (from our ancestors) about vision, those visions in those days were driven by the experiences of those who dreamt of lions, dragons, and gigantic birds flying beyond the norm.

6 However, someone like you and I would dream of airplanes, helicopters, rockets, and nuclear explosions, based on our interpretation of what is, but you cannot pretend for that person back in those days to have a vision of a rocket. They would claim to see a bird in a burst of flames but not a rocket. You see?

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(1) Focus and ponder on Article 3 as your guide to explore your life purpose as you relate with what you came here to do. Some people claim that working with human relations is our primary life purpose, but based on my experience, a much broader meaning is given under Article 3 to this concept, and even much greater meanings are written in future and yet to be published Transcripts.

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“We are one, and as you help me, you advance”40First Transcript


Message: “Is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice what makes you advance”—Transcript.


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