Principles of Creation

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1 Creation is vibration. That is why we vibrate and take form through different frequencies; as we vibrate, we manifest.

2 Manifestation becomes the essence of all creation, and vibration becomes the principle to our existence from the original source so we exist.

3 It is much like, as it has been said before, that it is not a body with a soul but rather a soul with a body.

4 If we were a body with a soul, the body would have become the original source. As it decays, the soul, belonging to the body, would have decayed as the body decays.

5 But if we are the soul, whose original form is endless, as it inhabits a body, the soul, which precedes the body, would keep on with its living experience through the vibrating forces of creation. You see?

6 We can attain to cease to *exist if we stop the vibrating force. By ceasing to exist, we would reach the spirit side of creation or, for better words, more like transcending without the need for creation. Therefore, by ceasing to exist, we experience the spirit life, needing no existence.

7 For *existence to take place, the soul is created as the origin of the vibrating force. Once the soul is created through vibration, it vibrates on its own, creating through thought-form creation itself, embodying itself through matter, which is the vibrating force of creation—the force that binds it all—the same force that keeps Earth suspended in orbit, on its axis, rotating, in space, time and movement. You see

8 That same creative force of vibration is the essence of life as it evolves and revolves around us all. The same vibration that holds the galaxies is the same vibration that holds an atom in place, and the binding force that creates what is termed as molecules, matter, living and non-living things as it holds the entire Universe together and keeps your physical body in place. You see?

9 Those are the principles of creation: The vibrating forces: That vibrating force has its origin in ways humans cannot yet comprehend, but can have the ability to do so once we understand and acknowledge the existence and nature of the vibrating creative forces—call it God, Creator, Source or whatever you want but do not call it Universe.

10 Universe IS a creation in itself. Make that correction and apply it as a new term to be unidentified as God, Creator, or Source, but rather part of creation.

11 Universe is a term given to everything that is and exists outside our knowledge and perception *boundaries. You see?

12 By definition, the Universe is creation—not God, Creator, or Source. It is the source of our existence; the creative forces, but not the Creator, Source, or God. You see?

13 FV—Who or what is then the Creator

14 CFKW—The Creator is the loving form: The essence of feelings, the original sense termed as love. Not to be confused by the many terms given to the word ‘love,” but love as the essence of your existence.

15 Being with God (Creator) is like the ultimate goal of achieving total detachment and in the pure desire to cease to exist, become one with it, and become expression in itself.

16 God is a term that cannot be described as it cannot fall into any category available to human consciousness. All we can talk about *here applies to human consciousness, human perception, and human knowledge—expression in the form humanity can understand because we (CFKW) cannot have access through any other form humans can relate to or make them understand how things are, for human’s perception is limited to the range given hereby.

17 But at other levels, frequencies, phases, vibrating forces, experiences, or other terms humans would like to give, all this information is given in different ways so they become understandable. You see?

18 In other words, we can term things in human perception, but there is knowledge through many other perceptions on how things are explained, things are viewed, things are experienced, and things are understood, which are not applicable to human perception and need not be explained.

19 Remember that we are One, come from One, and our goal is to return to One.

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Article 6—implies to cease to exist as humans by no longer needing to express ourselves through the vibrating force of the physical world.
Article 7—Existence as in the physical world.
Article 11—Boundaries imply everything outside our physical body—everything that is creation.
Article 16—‘here’ implies what is received and perceived through the mind of the channeler.

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