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SUMMARY: Patience, doubt, and negativity are today’s subject for you to ponder and work. It is for you to become conscious of the basic fact that you are not alone throughout this path of yours. It gives you clarity as to understanding that we all have a clear path and to become conscious of your daily obstacles in life.
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1 Today’s message is about patience. Patience is the ability to allow things to unfold. It is letting things to move and flow as they should, but that does not mean for one to become lazy.

2 To the contrary; sloth, laziness, and not moving is similar to err (to sin); a synonym of rejecting one’s own advancement or movement. Similarly to not doing anything about it.

3 The spirit moves towards one direction, and the obstacles in life are like walls you encounter when you derail from the path you must follow.

4 But by derailing and to stumble naively, you find yourself with challenges, forcing you to move towards the right direction, and if by turning to the right direction, you derail, another being who seeks to help you work its way to lead you towards the right direction.

5 The doubt is another aspect when you lose confidence and become unsure of yourself. Doubt is the strongest tool leading you to the so-called “negativity.” And by “strongest,” it implies swimming against the current, which is what creates doubt. And through the doubt, fear emerges and all others as well, but its foundation is the doubt.

6 But in the absence of the doubt, one moves favorably, with happiness and without ambiguity. All those diversions one sees throughout one’s lifetime, known as life hardships, are no other than a reflection of what one sees through the emotion as the level of repulsion one has toward changes.

7 The strongest the change, the strongest the pull towards negativity. Which neither is negativity, but a movement towards the opposite direction. But for humanity to grasp, the word “negativity” helps them understand.

8 FV asks: And what are we doing here? What is our role in all this?

9 CFKW: We all are part of the whole.

10 FV asks: And what about the individuality of the soul, other planes and other realms?

11 CFKW: All this is very complex and not to be taken lightly. There are so many levels, tiers, planes, degrees, hierarchies to be further explained.

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Daily Message: “Is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice what makes you advance”—Transcript.


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