Relative vs. Absolute Truth


1 FV—Why do we err if we already have all the information*?

2 CFKW—You err because the information is translated by preconceived cultural information that has been taken as true, and we follow such pattern as we translate what was understood as real or fact.

3 This was called the new information, and we relate the old with the latest information and add our own ideas. That is how people reach their own conclusions. You see?

4 Many are correct, while others become misconceptions. That is why the absolute truth is not known because the truth we know is relative. It is relative because it has been smeared by other ideas.

5 FV—I must ask: How to detach from that concept?

6 CFKW—By giving time to oneself*, just as you are doing now; by blocking those other ideas and allowing the thought-form to enter your mind as sound as pure as possible, because the words, resulting from a thought, bring that thought.* That thought is also tied to universal knowledge, which keeps being a thought based on the vision and interpretations of others.

7 The thought is never a thought of one’s own. It is all about retrieving the information from the collective. And the collective has its own ideas, its own concepts, and all is comprised of the collectivity, in effect, and when it is extracted and refined, even so, there are misconceptions.

8 That is why the truth is relative, not absolute, because relative truth comes from ideas. Absolute truth is only one—and not by means of thought.

9 Truth is the existence of that “something” where everything emerged from, incomprehensible by many and brought forward with ideas, giving it form and interpretations in order to visualize (relate), and that is when confusion arises—because one said this and another said that. This one saw it like this, and another saw it like that, and so on.

10 Religions were created by those who voiced what they believed or not. When man* comes to the reasoning of how it came about or could have happened, he arrives at his own conclusions, creating a new way of thinking, and others follow. You see? That is why the world is ever-changing. It is not stagnant, and it never will.

11 FV—May I ask if the number of souls is tallied?

12 CFKW—The answer is No. As the individual (soul) keeps growing (evolving), it will keep expanding and dividing itself through time*. It keeps on augmenting and, thus, creating. You see?

13 And as it multiplies, it will continue in one direction and the other. In truth, if we follow the pattern, it is expanding. So is the Universe in the void of creation. As above, so below—the same rule applies.

14 Divinity and the search for oneness keep ongoing because the God many of us know is an infinitesimal part of what exists, inward, yet, incomprehensible by many.

15 FV—Is this a new paradox?

16 CFKW—No. A paradox is when the conscious mind cannot decipher, work, or reach a consensus. A paradox is a play on words where one becomes the opposite of the other, where the rational mind cannot find a beginning or an end.

17 So is the Universe that one cannot see its beginning or end, and we find ourselves in the midst of it all, so to speak. You see? Just as a flower, a plant, a bush, or a tree, whose only life purpose is to grow, multiply, and constantly generate new life. That is the basic principle of life.

18 Look around how the trees constantly create the building blocks to multiply themselves, each striving to reproduce. When the seed is eaten and falls on infertile ground, it perishes. But if it falls in fertile soil, it grows. Like when you plant numerous seeds, many will sprout, but only a few will thrive. You see?

19 Thrive and plant the seed*. Don’t be concerned about the results. Just plant the seed. That’s all it takes, and let the Universe do its job. You see?

20* The battle between good and evil is just planting the seed and waiting for the result. Many will sprout, but only one will thrive.

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*Article 1—My question meant the information we all have access from a source commonly known as the Akashic Records, book of life, or compendium of all events, among other names or descriptions.
*Article 6— “By giving time to oneself” means learning to train your mind to reach a blank state. As to “brings that thought,” it implies that the words I would use depend on my thoughts’ integrity. The CFKW communicates with me only after I clear my mind from thoughts. I learned to do this on my own many years before first contact. As to why or to what purpose was unknown to me at the time.
*Article 10—Man: The original definition of man is a human being of either sex; a person. Etymology: From Middle English men, from Old English menn (“people”), from Proto-Germanic manniz, nominative plural of Proto-Germanic mann- (“person”).
*Article 12—Take, for instance, your parents. They came from your grandparents, who came from your great-grandparents. You now become one who keeps creating through your children, who will procreate and extend your existence throughout their life experiences. Now go in retrospect, and you can see how we, being so many, came from One.
*Article 19—“Plant the seed,” is a metaphor as a specific directive for me to spread Higher Truth through The Transcripts.
*Article 20—This Article takes you back to Articles 2 through 4 and further down to Article 9 as it ratifies humanity’s confusion, metaphorically represented by the battle between good and evil.

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Truth is One; interpretations many.
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