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1 Cultural traditions are nothing more than someone’s idea becoming popular among themselves. So as you can see, culture has nothing to do with this Earth or what we are intended to do here.

2 Humanity needs to separate from all that because it all takes us nowhere. Hanging on to a place, a culture, and even to family traditions, is going astray because it will lead you nowhere.

3 Only think on your path, what needs to be done, and what needs to be learned: To detach from everything you call home. Home in this earth plane is a temporary habitat we created to fulfill our needs for expression, in form, but this is not our place for us to stay.

4 It is only a place for us to transit through because there are many other places, many other emotions, many other concepts, and many other aspects to grow and learn for us to regain true consciousness into what a thought form is and understand the true meaning of being what we are (Not who we are.)

5 Through this new knowledge, we feel compelled to help others, and we will! But by helping others, do NOT get attached to what is to that other. Do not get engulfed in their thinking behavior and beliefs. You must hold on to your true essence because otherwise, you will NOT help but support.

6 And that is a paradox: If by trying to help you end up supporting them, then you are doing nothing. And doing nothing is to err, and to err is to sin. You See?

7 So, be careful, do not get attached and walk your path with dignity and in appreciation to what it is. And do not fall for those others who may mock you or judge you or point at you. Because knowing what you are doing is all that matters.

8 Thought-form understands what a thought is, and your thought should always be geared towards the greater cause at all time—at all times.

9 Never seek for your pleasures or your desires on keeping on dwelling in this earth plane, because as I said before, it will take you nowhere.

10 Reincarnation is the desire to go back to what you left behind, and yes, you will pick up from what you left behind, but as you do, move forward and stop leaving traces of what it was to lessen your journey.

11 FV asks: Would it take a lifetime or more than a lifetime?

12 CFKW: It all depends on how far you have gone or how far behind you have been. So, don’t worry about what pieces you have left. Just make sure you stop leaving pieces behind and for you to grow.

13 If this earth plane becomes too dense, free yourself by becoming more subtle. As you become more subtle, you will realize there is no support for you in the dense Earth. So, as you become subtle, you will no longer be needed, and you can move forward.

14 Whoever wants to follow you, it will not be up to you but them. Just do your job and leave up to them to follow and not for you to pull them out from nowhere, because the only lesson learned is the one everyone walks through and NEVER when its walked by someone else. Otherwise, all you would do is extending (delaying) the process, because one will always fall again until it’s learned by oneself. You see?

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(1) Pay special attention to articles 5 and 6. The word ‘support’ means not to condone someone’s behavior, such as excusing, overlooking, disregarding, approving, or pardoning someone’s actions or inactions. It is our responsibility as awakened souls to help others. I know people sometimes only need to be heard, but I also know that people need to be led.
Also notice how Article 14 is consonant with the Message below: “It is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice what makes you advance”—Transcript.

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“We are one, and as you help me, you advance”40First Transcript


Message: “Is not from what you learn but from what you put into practice what makes you advance”—Transcript.


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