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TRANSCRIPT T120201084956

1 From the previous message of God and its essence add this to it:

2 That is only one aspect of God. The aspect of its pure essence in a form that could be easily understood.

3 However, God has many other aspects, and you could see those aspects depending on the path that you go through life.

4 A deeper aspect of God in its true essence is that God is Thought. And as a thought it creates another thought, and another, and another.

5 And as such, creation is extensively written in old scriptures, such as how God created heavens and Earth through a thought—that becomes another aspect of God. Either you being conscious about it or not, it is still another aspect of God.

6 Another aspect of God, for those whose path is the scientific world, is the energy source, as explained at a molecular level. You see?

7 There are many other aspects of God such as description, analogies or metaphors, that, unfortunately, has been taking literally just like the one I just gave you about the father building a chair for his child and you being his child.

8 That is another aspect of God. Chosen by people, by design, so they can understand in this earth plane how creation took place.

9 And the analogy used (Father) was the closest it could be to a relationship between one human being and a higher power.

10 Of course, it had to be portrayed as a human being for you to understand because if I talk to you about spirits, it becomes a risk because you could not see or sense them.

11 You may argue that some people do have the ability to see or perceive them, but because it is so vague, it becomes very much hard to comprehend.

12 The essence is that there is a source, and that source has to be acknowledged because we are not here without a purpose. Otherwise, if there wouldn’t be a purpose, you wouldn’t be here today.

13 if there wouldn’t be a purpose, you wouldn’t have a reason to wake up every single morning. Everyone has a purpose. You see? But you have been so engulfed in this daily life routine that you have forgotten the greater purpose.

14 It’s just like the example of this married couple: When they first met, they cuddled and loved each other. And the relationship was so beautiful, filled with feelings, emotions, and not wanting to be apart from one another.

15 Now see how the relationship starts fading away once they get involved with this life full of tasks, working environment, and the complexity of the world we live in.

16 From raising a child to the many responsibilities and distractions, plus their own needs that each one wants to fulfill, they begin to forget what originally began as a beautiful relationship.

17 And later it turns out that after a while they become independent one from the other. They individualize themselves from that moment when they were originally as one, and now they both have become separate entities living together while having their own desires and ultimately their own new individuality.

18 Now two individualities cannot cope with each other because each found new ways, and decided to break apart and look for another partner.

19 Isn’t that the same relationship we have with God? That we first were one with him, and we chose to detach from God because we saw other ways and went our separate ways?

20 And now we are like this man who got separated from his spouse and now he is in search of either another partner or another life, forgetting about his original spouse, no longer wanting to deal with her anymore, forgetting what originally brought them together.

21 So what was that force that originally put them together? Passion, love, lust? You see?

22 This is just an example. Life has so many ways, so many paths, and so many realities, that people get confused with lust or companionship as reasons other than pure love.

23 Look at the essence of two human beings who at first meet and they attract to each other. See how that relationship builds into creating one—where two become one because they unite in such a way that they become one.

24 See that example to see how it works. Don’t go into detail; remember this is just an analogy—just an analogy for you to grasp. Don’t get involved in the complexity of a relationship on how they started and how they ended. Just look at the analogy and work with it so you can understand the process. You see?

25 And don’t make the mistake that humanity has made with the scriptures from your ancestors that either got lost in translation, have been fully or partially misinterpreted or the analogies were taken literally or out of context becoming fallacies, by not looking at the essence of what was behind the veil as information given.

26 Simplify it so you can understand how everything works. You see?

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(1) This particular Transcript seeks to clarify the many aspects of this Higher Power many of us have learned to call God. To you it may have another name, yet, it is still the same source of Life. Knowing its true identity beyond those many aspects will lead you to know your final goal, destiny or ultimate life purpose. Ponder on these words throughout this week as you seek for clarity and your destiny.

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